Waste Water Treatment Plant – Softener Replacement

Complete Water Solutions recently replaced a softener system at a Waste Water Treatment Plant located in Wisconsin. The facility was experiencing hard water and iron staining. Complete Water Solutions performed a free P.M. Service and discovered that the softener was channeling. What is Softener Channeling? Channeling occurs typically due to low flows – sometimes formations […]

Linen Facility Softener System Upgrade

Linen Laundry Facility Softener Replacement             Complete Water Solutions was awarded a contract to replace the aging Magnum Triplex Softener system at an industrial linen facility. The facility uses soft water in its wash process & for boiler feedwater makeup. Using soft water reduces detergent usage as well as reduces […]

Library Of Congress Awards Complete Water Solutions

  Library Of Congress RO Upgrade Recently Complete Water Solutions was awarded a project to upgrade an Osmonics E8-57K-DLX Reverse Osmosis System for the Library Of Congress. The RO System had a few obsolete items on it such as the Lakewood 2450 Controller and the Allen Bradley Micrologix 1000. The RO System unfortunately went down […]

Osmonics RO System Lakewood 2450 Controller and Allen-Bradley MicroLogix 1000

Complete Water Solutions is an expert in RO Systems and when it comes to Osmonics branded Reverse Osmosis Systems, we have extensive knowledge in operations, controllers, and Tonkaflo pumps. Since before the Mid 2000’s, Osmonics was using a combination of the Lakewood 2450 Controller and Allen-Bradley Micrologix 1000. Since then, both the Lakewood 2450 Controller and […]

When Should I Service My Water Softener?

All industrial water softeners and industrial water treatment equipment require maintenance. Today we take a look at a Fleck 2900 Twin Softener System equipped with a 3200NXT Electronic Controller. This system is used to exchange calcium and magnesium hardness ions for sodium ions prior to a reverse osmosis system. This process is also called or […]

When Should I Service My Carbon Filter?

All industrial water treatment equipment will require service. Today we take a look at a Fleck 3150 NXT Industrial carbon filter.  This carbon filter is used to remove chlorine prior to a reverse osmosis system. Chlorine will damage most RO Membranes with the exception of a few. In this video we look at how often […]

Thank You To The Local Contractors

Saying Thank You Being a small business owner / contractor can sometimes be a thankless / 80+ hour a week job. At Complete Water Solutions one of our core values is We Work Hard & Reward Hard Work – We will celebrate the hard work of individuals and teams. While this value was implemented for our team […]

Complete Water Solutions New Building Update

Complete Water Solutions will be relocating its operations to its new facility located in Twin Lakes, WI, later this year. We are excited to share with you the updates of our new building. We have some news coming up once we are moved in. We Are Moving Soon! Stay up to date on our building […]

Cooling Tower Cleaning By Complete Water Solutions

Complete Water Solutions was called out to clean 4 cooling towers. As you can see they were full of bio and scale. Cooling Tower Cleaning Experts We were able to clean the tower and get the customer back up and running. Learn more about our services

Pharma Water System Service By Complete Water Solutions

Complete Water Solutions specializes in providing water treatment equipment and services to the industrial marketplace. Over the years we have specialized in Pharmaceutical, and Food & Beverage Manufacturers. We realize the importance in having a robust system and a bulletproof service plan. Complete Water Solutions has years of experience servicing equipment in these markets! We […]

Complete Water Solutions New Facility Update

New Building Update – Complete Water Solutions Late last year Complete Water Solutions announced a new facility in Twin Lakes WI. The new facility is underway and about 1/2  completed. The new facility will allow Complete Water Solutions the capability to expand services and provide fabrication of water treatment equipment. (Stay Tuned) Complete Water Solutions […]

Beverage Reverse Osmosis Systems Maintenance & Compliance

Complete Water Solutions provides a wide array of services for Reverse Osmosis Equipment. Whether you purchased it from CWS or from another manufacture, we can provide a wide arrange of services. RO systems used for beverage ingredients and pharmaceuticals ingredients have a few things in common. SOP’s / Compliance / Service Some commonalities: Using NSF […]

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