Case Studies

Lab Water System Upgrade To Save DI Exchange Tanks

About 3 years ago Complete Water Solutions was asked to provide DI Exchange Tanks for Deionized water for a lab. We replaced the existing DI tanks with our tanks. The exchange frequency was about 1 change out per month on average. As apart of CWS DI Exchange Tank Service we review accounts to see if [...]

Osmo Bev RO/UF/NF Membrane Change Out Services

Complete Water Solutions recently was awarded a contract with a Beverage Manufacture to replace their RO, UF, & NF filter elements. Complete Water Solutions was able to complete this work on a weekend (sunday) after hours to help minimize down time & production loss. We understand the importance of using Food Grade Products, including lubricants […]

40 GPM Reverse Osmosis System Design

Current System Layout: The customer current system layout was a duplex softener followed by a Portable DI Exchange Tank. With the current demand for purified water this design was not the best nor most cost-effective option. The increased demand would result in additional salt usage along with significant DI Exchange tank costs. Design: What Will [...]

80 Gallons Per Minute Reverse Osmosis Polishing Softener

Bruner Boiler Softener Replacement Complete Water Solutions replaced a 25 Year Old Bruner Water Softener equipped with D180 2″ Softener Valve and IQS3 Digital Controller. The old softener system was used to make up boiler feed water for a Water Tube boiler. The new softener system is being used post Reverse Osmosis to remove the […]

Industrial Water Softener w/PLC & Hardness Analyzers Complete Water Solutions recently replaced a softener system that was time to replace. The original softeners had been in the facility for over 20 years and were experiencing numerous problems including increased service calls. We also found that the resin was beginning to capacity which was causing the softener to either leak hard water [...]

Industrial Progressive Flow Water Softener

Our customer was experiencing issues with the existing triplex softener system. It was smaller in size and was not very reliable when it came to providing soft water. At times the old softener system would experience issues with the ability to provide water thus starving the plant.

Bruner Media Filter Rebuild D180-3

Complete Water Solutions was recently called to repair / rebuild a Multi Media Filter (Southern Illinois) that was equipped with a Bruner D180 3″ Valve Assembly and 952 Stager Assembly. The bypass valve was leaking by unfiltered water and causing other equipment that relies on the filtered water down stream to foul with particulates. Bruner […]

Osmonics E4-13200 Reverse Osmosis Boiler Feed Water

Complete Water Solutions supplied a 13200 Gallons Per Day. Complete with pre-treatment equipment and ancillary equipment. The RO System is rated @ 55 Degree F (12 Degree C) Water for 540 Gallons Per Hour. Equipment: Twin Softener System Model Number: K90-960 (Alternating) The softener system is put in place to exchange calcium and magnesium (Also […]

E8-144K-DLX 100 GPM Reverse Osmosis System

Complete Water Solutions designed and provided a 100 GPM Reverse Osmosis System (Located Outside Of Charlotte N.C.). The system was sized based on the customer using an average of 60-80 GPM Average. This will reduce the duty cycle of the RO System. The RO Water is used for boiler feedwater, production, and sanitization. The RO […]

15 Gallon Per Minute Reverse Osmosis System

  If you need an RO System – Contact Complete Water Solutions – (855) 787-4200 or Project Scope: Complete Water Solutions provided a centralized Reverse Osmosis Water System to provide RO quality water for the Glass rinse process. Equipment: Water Softener Model Number: S21-A The water softener system is put in place to remove/reduce […]

Osmonics E8-57K-DLX Reverse Osmosis System

  Complete Water Solutions provided a turnkey installation of a Reverse Osmosis System. The RO System was used for sanitization make up, cooling tower make up and production needs. We started by removing the existing culligan ro system and relocating it to the boiler room. The boiler was using water softener and dealkalizer for feed […]

Cleaning Hard Water Scale From Reverse Osmosis Membranes

The powder coating industry and the metals finishing industry has found Reverse Osmosis to be beneficial to provide clean water to clean and rinse parts. Using Reverse Osmosis metal finishing industries have reduced water consumption and overall wastewater from high conductivity discharge. Some additional benefits include: Spot Free or Low TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) water […]

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