Industrial Water Softener w/PLC & Hardness Analyzers

Complete Water Solutions recently replaced a softener system that was time to replace. The original softeners had been in the facility for over 20 years and were experiencing numerous problems including increased service calls. We also found that the resin was beginning to capacity which was causing the softener to either leak hard water or increased regeneration cycles. The increase in regeneration cycles caused more wear on the system. It also increased water waste and salt consumption.

After reviewing the system Complete Water Solutions was able to determine that increasing the size of the softener system and building something more industrial could help in reduction in both maintenance costs and efficiency of the system. The old system was a Fleck 3900 900,000 grain unit with standard 8% crosslink resin.

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The new system was designed/composed of the following:

  • (3) 48” x 72” FRP non-code pressure vessels, 150 psig rating
  • Each softener unit will have installed a Stainless Steel Distribution Piping
  • Each softener unit will have installed 3” stainless steel face-piping with pneumatically actuated butterfly style control valves (lug style cast iron body, stainless steel disc, EPDM seat, and double-acting pneumatic actuator), an automatic backwash flow controller (60 GPM) and individual inlet/outlet pressure gauges & sampling valves
  • 40 CuFt softening resin per vessel (1,240,000 grains capacity per vessel) SST-60 / Washed gravel sub-fill for media support (estimated resin life 10-18 Years* w/ standard capacity loss)
  • One (1) main control panel with an Allen-Bradley MicroLogix 1400 PLC system with PanelView 800-7 series operator interface in a NEMA-4X electrical enclosure(s) (FRP) providing an alternating flow control configuration for continuous treated water supply
  • Three (3) local control panels each in a NEMA-4X (FRP) electrical enclosure with solenoid valves to operate the control valves.
  • Three (3) Signet paddle-type flow sensor(s), one at the outlet of each softener\
  • 144” Diameter x 182” Height with 50 Tons of usable dry salt storage
  • Empty Tank Weight Is Estimated 3,000 LBS and Maximum Gross (filled weight) 129,000 LBS
  • 3” Flanged Inlet/Outlet Connection Size
  • Maximum brine draw for granulated salt is 50 GPM
  • Maximum brine draw for solar salt is 25 GPM
  • Fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) silo shell
  • Sch 80 PVC Inlet Water Distributor
  • Sch 80 PVC Brine Outlet Distributor
  • 304 Stainless Steel Salt Fill Pipe
  • FRP ladder with OSHA safety cage
  • Polyester dust control filter
  • Sch 40 PVC air vent pipe
  • 304 stainless steel anchor/lift lugs
  • Gravel Support Bed
  • Automatic Water Refill Valve
  • 24” covered upper access manway
  • 24” covered lower cleanout manway
  • Standard freeze protection with 2560 watt 120-volt heat system with controls to maintain 40F in a -10F outside environment and 2” thick insulation 8’ upside shell (included option)
  • Automatic salt level indicator using a SmartBob remote sensor system (Included option)
  • Automatic Liquid Level Indicator (2) tuning fork style sensors, solenoid valve to control incoming water and a NEMA 4X UL Labeled Plastic Control Box
  • Qty (1) Dual Pump Skid
  • Carbon Steel Skid w/ Powder Coat Safety Blue
  • SCh 80 PVC Pipe, Valves & Fittings
  • Signet Flow Meter For Brine Regulation
  • Qty (2) G&L Pumps 2HP
  • Motor Starter Enclosure
    • Includes Disconnects
    • Includes Contactors
  • Pump Run Alternating
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