Water Treatment for Restaurants

Unfiltered Water Can Cause Damage
and Clog the Inside of Your Drains

Pure Water Filtered for Restaurants

Water Purification Experts Create Unmatched Water Quality for Food Service

Having low or poor quality water in a restaurant can break a business. Water is used for almost every aspect of the hospitality industry and having poor tasting, smelling, or unfiltered water can create an unpleasant experience for a customer. Don’t lose customers and profit due to a situation which could have been easily avoided. Complete Water Solutions has the perfect option for you.

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Restaurant Water Softeners

Water softeners are used in a variety of applications today, especially in the restaurant setting. From water feed to boiler, pre-treatment to reverse osmosis systems and dish machines. Complete Water Solutions provides rentals, lease to own, new and used equipment, servicing all existing systems currently in use today. An improperly working water softening system in your restaurant can cause everything to come to a grinding halt. With over 19 years of experience, we can install your water treatment system, and have a highly trained technician on-site in a timely matter to get your restaurant back up and running.

Among the normal temperature water softeners, Complete Water Solutions also provide condensate softener systems. These softener systems can be installed in temperatures up to 180 Degrees F.

Reverse Osmosis Water Purification System

Complete Water Solutions understands the needs of the restaurant equipment. From steams, to beverage dispensing, Complete Water Solutions has the reverse osmosis systems to fit your budget. Unfiltered water can cause damage and clog the inside your drains by creating a buildup of unwanted minerals and particles. Reverse osmosis systems will reduce the mineral build up on your various equipment, saving money on costly repairs.

We offer preventative maintenance agreement plans, which set up routine maintenance and check-ups on your water treatment system, ensuring they are clean and running efficiently.


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