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Commercial companies located all over the Midwest rely on water treatment services provided by Complete Water Solutions. From the hospitality service to the restaurant and food service, our water systems are trusted daily. With their quality parts and an expert staff here to aid you whenever needed, it’s easy to see why commercial companies do business with Complete Water Solutions.

Commercial water treatment systems are required to work day in and day out. One small problem or fault can create a ripple effect, decreasing productivity and efficiency. We know the importance of having a water treatment company who is there for you and offers multiple levels of preventative maintenance agreements to ensure your equipment is running efficiently.

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Commercial Water Softeners

Water Softeners are used in a variety of applications today, including water feed to boilers, pre-treatment, reverse osmosis systems and dish machines used in restaurants. Complete Water Solutions, provides rentals, lease to own, new and used equipment, and will service all existing systems currently in use today.

Among the normal temperature water softeners, Complete Water Solutions also provides condensate softener systems. These softener systems can be installed in temperatures up to 180 Degree Fahrenheit. If your commercial facility requires water systems capable of operating at certain temperature specifications, Complete Water Solutions can find the right water softener equipment for you.

Commercial Filtration Systems

Complete Water Solutions offers a wide variety of filtration solutions. We provide solutions for water along with servicing the process filtration market too. Our staffed treatment system service experts will provide the right filtration solution for your commercial needs.

Media filtration for your commercial water system removes unwanted particles from water for greater purity. This process can remove everything from iron and chlorine to organic materials and sediment. This filtration system works especially well if your commercial property has a fountain, boiler, or requires cooling water.

Another filtration method available from Complete Water Solutions is process filtration. Our service team staff has extensive experience with many different process filtration systems and knows how to best repair or upgrade your system to get the performance results your workplace needs. Whichever filtration equipment you choose, Complete Water Solutions can schedule a preventative maintenance plan to keep your water system operating at peak capacity.

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