Laboratory Water Treatment

From Your Most Critical Uses to Everyday Applications

Lab Purified Water Meets High Demands

Water Treatment Systems Yield High Results

When it comes to using water in a lab facility, it’s highly important to deionize the water and make it as pure as possible. No matter the range of purification you need in your lab setting, we have the proper application for it. If your lab water system doesn’t live up to your standards, or needs to be replaced, our dependable water systems will meet your criteria. From your most critical uses to everyday applications, Complete Water Solutions will complete your lab water purification system needs.

Deionized Lab Water Units

Complete Water Solutions offers a variety of options when it comes to deionized water for high purity lab operations. We understand you need a system which provides consistent results when it comes to high purity water.

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Complete Water Solutions Offers Multiple System Designs and Flow Rates:

  • 1LPH up to 10 GPM
  • Type I or Type II
  • .1, .2 Capsules
  • UV Treatment

DI Exchange Tanks

Complete Water Solutions offers High Purity DI Exchange Tanks, which are used in many lab applications. These tanks are constructed with Cation, Anion, or mix bed applications. High purity applications with UV, .1 and .2 Absolute Cartridges.

Electro-deionization Filtration

Similar to regular deionization techniques, electro-deionization water filtration systems are suitable for creating lab pure water. All particles are completely removed from the purified water, making this ideal for lab and pharmaceutical work. There is a 95% water recovery rate with electro-deionization for additional benefits to this water filtration system. The units offered by Complete Water Solutions are low energy using for even more savings

Reverse Osmosis for Lab Use

Another way to gain lab quality water is through reverse osmosis water filtration. Complete Water Solutions can install or upgrade a reverse osmosis water system for your lab to get pure, water. Particles and pollutants are flushed away, keeping your water completely clean for your lab use. There is also a low overall cost to maintaining a reverse osmosis water system, leaving you free to continue your work without interruption.

Ultraviolet Lab Water

If your water needs to be safe from microorganisms including bacteria and viruses, ultraviolet treatment systems may be best suited for your lab. This purification process only alters the DNA of microorganisms to stop them from being able to reproduce, preventing the spread of disease.

There are many ways to get pure, clear water for your lab. Every variable must be accounted for in a lab setting, which is why labs trust Complete Water Solutions to deliver the highest standards. Our water purifying systems yields high results on a consistent basis while being cost efficient to your business. Depending on your exact lab needs, Complete Water Solutions can suggest the best way to purify your lab water.


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