Industrial Water Treatment for Power Generation

Why is industrial water treatment important for our power generation? Having clean and properly treated water is a key component for dependable power generation. Whether it’s boilers, cooling towers, turbines, or anything in between, treated and pure water is vital to ensuring an efficient and dependable operation of the system! Power plants that rely on [...]

Industrial Removal of Nitrate From Your Water

Wondering why you should remove nitrate from your business's water supply? Industrial nitrate removal from water is important for any business. Although nitrate is found in many naturally occurring substances, it can become a hazardous compound in larger amounts. How does this affect your business? Well, too much nitrate in water facilities can be very [...]

Understanding the Importance of RO Membrane Cleaning in Water Treatment

Industrial reverse osmosis systems do a lot of the work when it comes to removing contaminants during water treatment. It's important to monitor when your industrial RO system is in need of its own decontamination. The membrane of the reverse osmosis system can become soiled with suspended solids, microorganisms and mineral scale during its normal operation. [...]


Consolidation Of BEV RO Membrane Elements Recently Veolia announced that they were going to be consolidating BEV Elements in efforts to simplify their spiral wound membrane products portfolio. Many of the consolidated elements have near identical performance and operations. All the new elements are NSF/ANSI Standard 61 certification.   OSMO BEV MEMBRANES have been used [...]

Industrial Water Treatment: Solutions & Technologies

From healthcare to power generation to beverage production, a wide variety of industries rely on having access to clean and purified water to ensure that their processes can remain functioning efficiently and effectively. Water purity is not only important but is essential for these industries to produce products and services that are safe for consumers [...]

Key Industries that Benefit from Deionized Water

What is deionized water and why is it important? Deionization is the removal of ions through the chemical process where ion-exchange resins switch out hydrogen and hydroxyl ions for the dissolved materials. Deionized water is water that has been treated to remove all these ions and total dissolved solids. This means once the exchange has [...]

Challenges in Treating Boiler Feedwater for Power Plants

For the non-scientific mind, chemical processes and the handling of large scale technological devices can be challenging to comprehend, which is why here at Complete Water Solutions, we want to help you understand why we offer our services and how it works. In this blog, we will discuss what boiler feedwater is, why it is [...]

Why Pure Filtered Water is Important

Water is an essential resource in manufacturing industries, playing a pivotal role in various production processes. The quality of water used in manufacturing can significantly impact the final product's quality, production efficiency, and overall cost-effectiveness. In this blog post, we will explore the importance of using filtered water in manufacturing processes and the numerous benefits [...]

How RO Systems Can Reduce Restaurant Costs

Owning a restaurant can be exciting, but also a bit stressful when things go awry. The last thing you as a restaurant owner need to worry about is the water used in your restaurant. A water filtration system is the perfect way to ease your worries about the state of your water. The water filtration […]

Liam has joined the Tech Team @ Complete Water Solutions

Complete Water Solutions is excited to announce Liam has joined the Tech Team Prior to Complete Water Solutions, Liam held a maintenance position at a local manufacturing facility. His skill and dedication to getting the job done are already making an impact here at Complete Water Solutions.  We are excited to have Liam  part of [...]

Uses of RO Systems in Pharmaceutical Labs

In the ever-evolving landscape of pharmaceutical research, precision, accuracy, and reliability are crucial. Laboratories working within this industry demand the purest form of water to ensure the quality and integrity of their experiments and analyses. Reverse Osmosis (RO) systems have emerged as a cornerstone technology in providing the necessary deionized water, with a range of [...]

Childhood Cancer Fundraising Drive 2023

Complete Water Solutions Childhood Cancer Fundraising Drive 2023     At Complete Water Solutions, we believe that a small business is more than just a small business, it’s a family. It’s in the spirit of family that we have chosen to announce our 2023 fundraising drive benefiting Children’s Wisconsin’s MACC Fund Center for Cancer and Blood [...]

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