Osmonics Reverse Osmosis (RO) PLC Upgrade

Previously, Complete Water Solutions announced that the Lakewood 2450 controller and Allen Bradley Micrologix 1000 were obsolete. (Lakewood 2450 Obsolete Blog Post) For this project, Complete Water Solutions performed an Osmonics Reverse Osmosis (RO) PLC Upgrade on an old Osmonics E8-57K RO System Controller. The old controllers were original from 1999 and consisted of the [...]

PRO-100-NA & PRO-150-NA Reverse Osmosis 8″ Housing Replacement – Manufacture / Montana

In this video, we showcased a Reverse Osmosis Housing Replacement on a Pro-100-NA and Pro-150-NA Reverse Osmosis System. The housings that were replaced were wave cyber 8" Reverse Osmosis Housings (RO Housings). The project entailed replacing (6) Housings Some of the housings were longer than others.  The water system was used to provide purified water [...]

Troubleshooting LT4 Reverse Osmosis System

In this video, we cover reverse osmosis troubleshooting centered around the LT4 Reverse Osmosis System. This new RO System has a lot of similarities to the E4 RO System. This video shows the upgraded PLC Package which allows you to really narrow down the reason your RO system may be having problems. Additional RO Troubleshooting [...]

How To Replace Reverse Osmosis (RO) Membranes 4″ / LT4 RO / E4 Osmonics RO

In this video, we walk through how to change the pre-filter on the LT4 RO System and how to change the RO Membranes on an LT4 RO System with Fiberglass RO Housing. Helpful RO Resources Other Helpful Video On Changing RO Membrane Manuals for the RO Systems & Documentation is listed below. RO Membranes  RO [...]

E4 Reverse Osmosis Daily Checks & Pre Filter Maintenance

  Complete Water Solutions covers what you should be checking daily on your Osmonics / GE Water E4 Reverse Osmosis System (RO System). We cover water testing, flows, pressures as well as changing of the pre filter. We cover water quality testing that is recommended to be done daily. Checking the incoming water supply and […]

Habitat For Humanity Kenosha & Complete Water Solutions

  Complete Water Solutions was given an opportunity to carry out one of our core values by volunteering at Habitat For Humanity – Kenosha WI. The entire team volunteered to help with a home that is currently in the finishing stages. We were honored with the opportunity to serve the local community. We learned a […]

Used Water Treatment Equipment

Complete Water Solutions recently acquired several pieces of used water treatment equipment. This equipment is updated and tested prior to being sold. All used equipment comes with a 6 month limited warranty.  Some of our used equipment include Reverse Osmosis Equipment Fiberglass Tanks Softeners UV Systems Pumps Tonkaflo Pumps Storage Tanks Need Short Term Rental? […]

Reverse Osmosis Systems (RO) Rental Equipment

Complete Water Solutions now offers Rental Reverse Osmosis Equipment. Over the last month Complete Water Solutions has acquired several pieces of Reverse Osmosis Equipment to be used in our Rental Fleet. The equipment ranges from 9 GPM to 40 GPM capabilities. Our Rental Service Options Include: Emergency Rentals (Estimated Same Day – 24 Hour Turn […]

Sea Water Reverse Osmosis Service & Training

Complete Water Solutions was recently awarded a contract to help provide support services and training for a drinking water Reverse Osmosis Plant on a remote island in the Pacific. This island is located over +6,500 miles away from our corporate office in Twin Lakes WI. The water treatment plant on the island is vital to […]

Tina Promoted To Service Coordinator

Complete Water Solutions is pleased to announce that Tina Snow has been promoted to Service Coordinator. Over the past few years Complete Water Solutions has seen an increased demand for our technical services. With this increased demand there was the need for someone to help coordinate it all and help keep our customers informed. Tina’s […]

Tonkaflo Pump Manuals / Tonkaflo Pump Drawings – Don’t Take Apart Your Pump

Tonkaflo Pumps have been the work horse for the Osmonics Reverse Osmosis Systems for over 30+ Years. These industrial pumps have been used in many applications from UF, Nano Filtration, Reverse Osmosis and transfer of solutions. There are many variations when it comes to the Tonkaflo pump. In this video we cover the following topics: […]

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