Tonkaflo Pump SS1823XB Replacement – Reverse Osmosis E4-1100-DLX (Download Tonkaflo Pump Manuals and more) Recently Complete Water Solutions was called out to replace a Tonkaflo Pump model SS1823XB commonly found on the E4-11000 & E4-13200 Reverse Osmosis Systems. The pump is one of the primary pieces of equipment on the RO System that are critical to the production of Reverse Osmosis (RO) […]

Emergency Softener Tank Replacement – Tanks In Stock

Equipment: Duplex Softener System Model Number: Fleck 3900 Twin NXT 900,000 Grain Capacity Scope: Temporary Fiberglass Softener Tank Complete Water Solutions was recently called out when a 20 year old fiberglass softener tank cracked and sprung a leak. This caused the customer to send hard water to their boiler system which is sensitive to hardwater. […]

Saving Money By Installing RO before Deionized (DI) Exchange Tanks

  The customer current set up was utilizing Carbon, Cation & Anion exchange tanks prior to the Mixbed DI Tanks. This system provided DI Water for a lab. The customer was exchanging the Carbon, Cation and Anion pretreatment tanks on a regular basis. The current set up had no sample ports or quality measurements after […]

How to Make Deionized (DI) Water

Temporary Deionized Water Systems Provided By Complete Water Solutions When you don’t a permanent Deionized Water system a temporary one can be a cost effective option. Temporary DI Water systems can be hooked up using temporary hoses and using exchange tanks. This process can make for quick set up and easy removal. DI Exchange tanks […]

How To Rebuild Industrial Softener & Resin Replacement

  In this post we dive into rebuilding softener valves and replacing the resin. Complete Water Solutions worked on rebuilding the valves. These valves are diaphragm valves manufactured by AQ Matic also known as Aquamatic. The 2 valves on this unit were 428 Valve (4″) and 424 (1.5″) Valve. When rebuilding these valves we recommend […]

When Should I Replace My Membranes?

  In this video we discuss how long RO membranes last and when you should change them. We also discuss cleaning RO Membranes. Need Help With Membrane Cleaning or Have Questions? To learn more about RO Membranes or To Speak To One Of Our RO Experts: 855-787-4200

How To Install Reverse Osmosis Membranes

  This video is discussing how to install RO Membranes and the various differences in end caps. RO membranes are easiest installed when they are loaded in the direction of flow. Knowing which way the water is flowing in each housing can help determine which end would be the easiest way to load them. If […]

Reverse Osmosis Membrane Cleaning – What should I use to Clean My RO Membranes

      In this video we discuss a few chemicals we use to clean RO Membranes. Getting the best RO Cleaning or RO Membrane Restoration service / outcome really begins with looking at the inlet water quality and how the RO system is operated (pressures, flows, pretreatment, array and number of membranes). This can […]

How Long Do RO Membranes Last?

  In this video, we try to answer a common question: How Long Will My RO Membranes Last?  Over the years we have looked at past data, we have had membranes last from 1 year to 10 years. Membrane life can vary from the application, pre-treatment, water quality, and how hard you are running the […]

RO System Shutting Down On Low Pressure

In this video we look at one reason that is not covered in the RO troubleshooting guide regarding low pressure. Many RO Systems are equipped with a low pressure cut out switch. This switch shuts the RO down in the event that pressure falls to low or no pressure at all. This keeps the pump […]

RO Low Concentrate (waste) Flow – RO Service

In this RO Troubleshooting Video, we discuss why you might have low concentrate (waste) flow. A few things that are not discussed in this video that can assist you in your troubleshooting are looking at the flow meter to make sure there is nothing obstructing it or that it is not damaged. Also, replace your […]

Why Do I Have High Conductivity In RO Permeate Water?

  In this RO Troubleshooting video, we investigate some reasons why you may be experiencing high conductivity in your RO Permeate water. High conductivity in RO permeate is not really a desired product, most RO membranes should remove between 97% to 99.5% Total Dissolved Solids (Conductivity). These conductive solids are rejected and disposed of by […]

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