Industrial Removal of Nitrate From Your Water

Wondering why you should remove nitrate from your business’s water supply? Industrial nitrate removal from water is important for any business. Although nitrate is found in many naturally occurring substances, it can become a hazardous compound in larger amounts. How does this affect your business? Well, too much nitrate in water facilities can be very dangerous. Allowing a water treatment company to remove nitrate from your water is going to reap huge benefits for your company.

What is Nitrate and why should you be concerned?

Nitrate is a compound of nitrogen and oxygen that naturally occurs and is found in many human-made sources. While it is essential for all living things, it can be harmful to our health in large amounts. It’s most often used in industries in fertilizers for crops and lawns and is often used in food preservation. On top of that, it’s often found in our drinking water. While the human body produces small levels of nitrate and it is essential for plant growth, nitrate can also be produced by smoke and exhaust from different industries. And although nitrate may naturally occur, its presence in your water supply is usually an indication of man-made pollution. Complete Water Solutions has the expertise and experience to properly remove nitrate from your business’s water supply.

There isn’t a lot of information out there regarding the lasting effects of nitrates in drinking water, however, it has been discovered that there are plenty of potential concerns following prolonged exposure. On an extreme level, nitrates in drinking water can cause cancer or death, and on a smaller scale, there are genotoxic, developmental, and systematic concerns. If your industrial facility is struggling with increasing nitrate levels in your water there are several different options for removing this potentially dangerous element from your industrial water supply. 

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Options for Nitrate Removal

The three most common options for nitrate removal are ion exchange, distillation, and reverse osmosis. Each process is different but has the same goal of water purification. 

1. Ion Exchange

A portable ion exchange tank provides large amounts of processed water and heightened flow rates. After each tank is exhausted they are returned to a water treatment provider and reprocessed.

2. Distillation

Distillation is the process of using heat and other methods to rid pure chemicals from a source, like water. This process is often used in water purification on both the industrial and commercial levels.

3. Reverse Osmosis

Reverse Osmosis is a type of filtration that uses a thin membrane that is small enough to allow water to pass through and block its impurities or hazardous compounds. RO is used to create more purified water for anything from drinking water systems to industrial boilers.

It's Time to Begin Water Treatment

Not sure if you should be concerned? Many industries have been known to discover concerning levels of nitrate in their source water including: 

  • Hospitality Businesses 
  • Medical Facilities 
  • Food and Beverage Production
  • Apartment Complexes and other Residential Buildings 
  • Restaurants and Bars

Industrial Nitrate Removal from Complete Water Solutions

If you’re concerned about the nitrate levels in your water it’s important to get this issue taken care of as soon as possible. Complete Water Solutions is prepared to help you with nitrate removal in your facilities. We have the professionals to help your company no matter how severe the issue. Our team is more than qualified in this industry to be able to handle excess nitrate levels in water systems. Our primary goal as a company is to provide your business with clean and safe water that allows your business to run smoothly without extra pressure from faulty equipment. If your company needs help with nitrate removal get in touch with Complete Water Solutions today! We look forward to working with you!


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