When Should I Replace My Membranes?

  In this video we discuss how long RO membranes last and when you should change them. We also discuss cleaning RO Membranes. Need Help With Membrane Cleaning or Have Questions? To learn more about RO Membranes or To Speak To One Of Our RO Experts: 855-787-4200  info@complete-water.com Nathan Olszak27 Year Of Water Treatment Equipment […]

How Long Do RO Membranes Last?

  In this video, we try to answer a common question: How Long Will My RO Membranes Last?  Over the years we have looked at past data, we have had membranes last from 1 year to 10 years. Membrane life can vary from the application, pre-treatment, water quality, and how hard you are running the […]

When Should I Service My Water Softener?

All industrial water softeners and industrial water treatment equipment require maintenance. Today we take a look at a Fleck 2900 Twin Softener System equipped with a 3200NXT Electronic Controller. This system is used to exchange calcium and magnesium hardness ions for sodium ions prior to a reverse osmosis system. This process is also called or […]

When Should I Service My Carbon Filter?

All industrial water treatment equipment will require service. Today we take a look at a Fleck 3150 NXT Industrial carbon filter.  This carbon filter is used to remove chlorine prior to a reverse osmosis system. Chlorine will damage most RO Membranes with the exception of a few. In this video we look at how often […]

What Else Do I Need With My RO System?

An Industrial Guide To What You Need In Front Of Your RO System We start this post with a strong WARNING – We are providing this information as a general guide to diverse types of pretreatment required before a Reverse Osmosis Systems. Every Water Source & Situation Can Be Different – PLEASE CONSULT WITH YOUR […]

Need Help Selecting An RO Membrane? Not Sure What You Have?

At Complete Water Solutions we have membrane experts on hand to help you select the appropriate membrane for your Reverse Osmosis System. How do I know if I need to replace my RO membranes? We get this question quite often, while there is no exact date to when you should replace your RO membranes there […]


  In our last article (Scale – How Is Scale Detrimental To Boilers), we discussed water hardness, different types of hardness, and we focused on some ways to pre-treat for water hardness prior to the feed water tank. In this article, we will shortly review what water hardness and we will focus on After-Treatment. What […]


In this article, we will be looking at how scale is detrimental to boilers. But first, let’s take a moment to understand scale and the differences between different types. What Is Water Hardness? Water hardness (also referred to as “Hardness of water”) is a measurement in parts per millions (ppm) of calcium and magnesium in […]

Water Treatment Equipment Leasing – How You Can Benefit

It has been a long-standing tradition that many of us want to see the “payback” or “savings” from upgrading or replacing your water treatment equipment. While it may not be true for every situation, many customers see immediate results by upgrading or replacing their existing water treatment equipment. Example – Boiler Feed Water / Pre-Treatment […]

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