Reverse Osmosis Troubleshooting Guide

by Complete Water Solutions

Warning* – This guide can assist you in helping to diagnose and troubleshoot your Reverse Osmosis System. For issues that are persistent or are not understood, you should contact Complete Water Solutions and speak with one of our RO Certified Technicians. Please make sure to have the following information available about your system when you call:

  • Installation Date
  • Model Number
  • Serial Number
  • Detailed description of the problem
Insufficient feed water pressure or flowOpen feed water valve. Check feed water valve for restrictions in feed plumbing
Clogged pre-filter cartridgeReplace pre-filter cartridge
Dirty or fouled membrane elementsFlush and/or clean RO System
Inlet solenoid valve no openingVerify valve receiving power when the machine is ON. Clean or replace solenoid valve
Insufficient powerVerify proper voltage is pre-sent. Check fuses and circuit breaker
Pump or Motor Not Operating CorrectlyContact Complete Water Solutions for replacement or repair of pump or motor
Concentrate or Recycle Valve Open Too FarRefer to the maintenance manual to properly set concentrate and recycle valves
Low operating pressure(see above)
Machine operating on cold waterCheck the water temperature. If needed, install a hot/cold tempering valve. Permeate production rate is dependent on 77°F (25°C) Contact Complete Water Solutions for further options.
Membrane elements installed incorrectlyFor correct membrane element installation procedure refer to your Maintenance manual. For further assistance contact Complete Water Solutions.
Brine seal has “rolled” or been damagedRefer to maintenance manual membrane installation. For further assistance contact Complete Water Solutions.
Dirty or fouled membrane elementsFlush and/or clean RO System
Back pressure on the permeate lineReduce permeate line back pressure. Check for restrictions in permeate plumbing
Useful life of membrane element(s) expiredInstall new membrane elements. Contact Complete Water Solutions for part # and order
Inaccurate permeate flow meterCheck the flow rate manually with a stop watch and calibrate if necessary


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