Process Filtration

Many Industries Rely On Our Process Filtration Services!

From pharmaceutical companies to medical labs, our process filtration systems are depended on by many businesses and industries every day. Businesses in the Food & Beverage, Paints, Dyes & Pigments, and Fine Chemicals, among many other industries, need a process filtration system they can depend upon. Process filtration is the filtration of contaminants or solids from liquids, other than water. Process filtration is commonly used on products like Soda, Beer, Wine, Paint, or Dyes. For example, process filtration can remove coagulants, skins, or unmixed pigments from your paint before canning. Filtration is also critical to winemakers, for both microbial stability and transparency of the finished product. Complete Water Solutions can install, repair, and do regular maintenance, and even custom design a unique process filtration system for your critical process filtration needs.

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Industrial Process Filtration System Professionals

No matter the process filtration option you are looking to take, our filtration system experts have extensive experience dealing with it. If you have any questions, or know exactly what kind of filtration system you are looking for, please contact Complete Water Solutions today. Our trained staff will help you figure out which process filtration system will live up to your specific worksite demands.

Types of Process Filtration

  • Cartridge Filtration
  • Bag Filter Filtration
  • Stainless Steel Strainers
  • Stainless Steel Cartridge Filters
  • Mesh Screens

When you rely on your applications to run on a consistent schedule while outputting very precise levels, Complete Water Solutions has the staff to keep your machines operating at peak performance. Once you start doing business with us, you’ll see why leading industries rely on Complete Water Solutions for water filtration services.


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