Industrial Filter Cartridges

Across any industrial application, filter cartridges are an important element of liquid purification systems.

Your filter cartridge works to remove sediments and debris from source water, but as it performs this task and accumulates soil over time, it becomes less effective and produces lower-quality water. Filters should be changed periodically to ensure a continuous flow of purified water.

At Complete Water Solutions, we supply a wide range of industrial filter cartridges, including absolute and nominal ratings in different styles, types and sizes to meet all of your water filtration needs. We offer durable replacement filters that will last longer and filter more than any other products on the market.

Industry-Leading Brands

Complete Water Solutions carries filters from the industry’s top water filter cartridge companies to ensure our customers get the best products available. We form distribution and channel partnerships with many of these companies to bring you a comprehensive line of products and services for your industrial filtration system.

Our inventory of replacement filter cartridges includes products from preferred brands such as the following:

  • SUEZ Water Technologies & Solutions
  • American Melt Blown & Filtration
  • Filter Technology Inc.
  • Global Filter
  • Pentair

Types of Industrial Filter Cartridges

The industrial filter cartridges you need and how frequently they should be changed varies greatly depending on your water filtration system, the quality of your source water and the type of filter design your system uses.

Complete Water Solutions carries a wide assortment of filter types to ensure you find a replacement compatible with your system. Select from filters rated either nominally or absolutely for as little as 1 micron or as much as 200+ microns to filter out specific particles and leave you with perfectly purified water.

If you aren’t sure what kind of filter cartridge you need, you can review our online resources or consult our water treatment specialists for help determining the best filter for your setup.

Bag Filters

Sediment is removed from source water as it seeps through the body of a bag filter, similar to the function of a coffee filter. Bag filter cartridges are ideal for basic, large-volume and high-flow purification.

Stainless Steel

Stainless filter cartridges feature stainless-steel wire cloth, which gives them more temperature resistance than other filter types.

Absolute Pleated

Pleated filters feature stiff fabric materials which are pleated to maximize their surface area and enhance their capacity to filter out debris.

Oil-Water Separation

Oil-water separation filter cartridges work to capture high concentrations of floating oil and dissolved hydrocarbons in liquids.

String Wound

The string wound around these filters is wrapped looser on the outside and tighter toward the core, allowing them to capture particles at different depths.

Related Products

Filter cartridges are only one part of a complete water purification system. Browse our online inventory to find related products, including filter cartridge housings, specialty cartridges, and full industrial water filtration and purification systems.

Buy Industrial Filter Cartridges Online

Complete Water Solutions’ online inventory allows you to compare and buy filter cartridges from industry-leading suppliers with the support of water treatment experts. If you have any questions about what filter cartridge is right for your industrial water filtration system, contact us online or give us a call at 855-787-4200.

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