Terms & Conditions

Complete Water Solutions Terms & Conditions

  1. Labor: All quoted projects with labor included are to be completed during business hours Monday through Friday 7:30 AM to 4:00 PM (Holidays Excluded) unless specified. Any projects that require labor past 4:00 PM, weekends or holidays will result in additional charges. Any projects that require additional work, or get delayed due to unforeseen circumstances could result in additional charges, and will require written approval from customer before proceeding. Unless otherwise specified, labor charges do not include mileage and travel expenses which will be added to the final invoice.
  2. Quotes & Prices: quotations are valid for a period of up to 60 days or for the term stated on the quote, whichever is shortest. Complete Water Solutions will make every effort to notify customer of price changes however prices are subject to changes or correction without notice. Shipping weights, dimensions, anticipated ship dates and arrival times are all approximate and subject to change. Due to the potential volatility of prices and supply, we reserve the right to adjust our bid should our supplier(s) raise price significantly or recall their bids due to lack of supply during this period.
  3. Taxes: Prices do not include tax. Tax will be added to the final invoice unless customer provides Complete Water Solutions with their tax exempt forms.
  4. Freight: All shipping is F.O.B. Complete Water Solutions, and the cost will be added to the final invoice unless otherwise specified and agreed upon by all parties. “FOB Origin” refers to the legal fact that the buyer assumes title of the goods the moment the freight carrier picks up and signs the bill of lading at the origin pick-up location. “Freight Collect” refers to the legal fact that the buyer is responsible for all freight charges. Freight charges will include inbound and outbound charges.
  5. Freight Damage Claims: All shipments have 48 hours for inspection upon arrival to submit a damage claim. All freight collect, 3rd party freight arrangements, that have a damage claim will be the responsibility of the of the buyer.  When shipping Freight Collect or 3rd Party the buyer assumes all risks of transportation, and therefore is responsible for filing claims in the case of loss or damage
  6. Freight Collect Handling Charge: Freight Collect Or 3rd Party Freight Will Be Charged A 2% Handling Fee. This fee is to cover administration costs associated with the time that it takes to set up Freight Collect & 3rd Party Freight Billing.
  7. Freight Collect Time Delay: Installation or Service projects where Freight (Materials & Equipment) was shipped direct (Freight Collect) that results in project delays or additional hours will result in the customer receiving a bill for the loss time.
  8. Deionized Exchange Tanks – Also known as DI Exchange Tanks are property of Complete Water Solutions and are leased / rented to our customers. All Tanks, Resin, Tank Adapters & Quality Lights are property of Complete Water Solutions. All leases / rentals are subject to reviews and pricing changes. Renter agrees to allow Complete Water Solutions to enter the premises at all reasonable times to service the DI Exchange Tanks when needed, or to remove the DI Exchange Tanks upon termination of the DI Exchange Tank Service. All exchange tanks need to be changed a minimal one (1) time annually.
  9. New Accounts Or Dormant 1 Year: New accounts or accounts that are dormant 1 year or greater and looking to establish credit (terms) will be subject to a credit check and approval. New accounts will be required to prepay up to 100% of parts or service.
  10. Terms: Terms of payment on open accounts are net 30 from date of invoice, unless otherwise stated and mutually agreed upon by both parties. Orders will not be shipped if an account is past due and/or until payment has been made.
  11. Orders in excess of $20,000.00 will require partial payments prior to shipping. A specific payment progress schedule will be stated in the quotation or provided at time of order. Partial payments may also be required for projects or orders involving special engineering or ordered items regardless of order amount.
  12. Interest will be charged on all past due accounts. These charges are calculated on the unpaid balance at 1.5% per month (18% annually). All questions regarding invoicing and terms must be addressed with our accounting department prior to the due date of the invoice.
  13. Warranties: Complete Water Solutions only enforces the manufactures warranties. No additional warranties are offered unless specified in quotations and agreed to by all parties. Labor may not be included in the warranty and will be chargeable.
  14. Unpaid and/or returned checks will result in an additional $35 fee.
  15. Any account that is past due greater than 90 days may be sent to collections. Any collection and/or legal fees incurred during this process will be the responsibility of the past-due payee and will be added to the invoices (where permissible by law).
  16. Credit card payments: any credit card unauthorized reverse charges will result in collection and bank services charges being billed to the customer.
  17. ACH Payments: Any ACH payments that are unauthorized or result in reverse charges will result in collection and bank service charges.
  18. Credit Card Processing Fee: A Fee of 3.5% will be assessed on any orders over $1,000.00 that are paid with a credit card.
  19. Return Goods: Return Goods Authorization (RGA) number must be obtained from Complete Water Solutions before any products can be returned. Product returns  may be subject to a restocking charge.
  20. Order & Service Approvals: Orders Or Service will NOT be processed until your Purchase Order Number or Written Authorization to Proceed is received.
  21. International Orders: all international orders require 100% payment in full prior to the order being processed. All international buyers are responsible for freight, taxes, tariffs, and wire transfer fee’s.
  22. Offsite Membrane Cleaning Service: Complete Water Solutions / Membrane Cleaning Pro does not guarantee membrane cleanings or cleaning performance. Some membranes may perform worse after cleaning them (we will discuss why with you should that be the case) Complete Water Solutions / Membrane Cleaning Pro will not be responsible for damage to your membranes.
  23. Offsite Membrane Cleaning Service – Oil Membranes, Waste Water Recovery, Heavy Metals – Complete Water Solutions / Membrane Cleaning Pro will not clean membranes that have been used in Oil Recovery, Oil Contact Applications, Waste Water Recovery***, Heavy Metals /Precious  Metals Recovery – If you send Complete Water Solutions / Membrane Cleaning Pro those membranes, they will be denied cleaning. If they are unknowingly cleaned and found to be used in one of these processes you will be responsible for any damages caused to the cleaning equipment as well as any environmental clean up charges and fines that may have been imposed on Complete Water Solutions / Membrane Cleaning Pro.
  24. Installation: Owner / Customer is responsible for any and all permits required to perform work. Any backflow devices that may be required by your state, county, or local municipality will be responsible of Owner / Customer. Owner / Customer is responsible for any electrical, concrete, structural, communication, work required.
  25. 2022 Notice Pricing & Quoting: Due to extreme market volatility all prices and availability are subject to change without notice. All quotes to be confirmed at the time of order.
  26. Payment By Check / Money Order: Any payments made by check / money order have a 7 business day hold till funds have cleared. If you have prepaid your order by check then your goods will ship once funds have cleared. If you have made an over payment by check / money order the over paid funds will be returned to you after the 7 business day hold (if funds have been cleared).
  27. Pre-Payments, Down Payments, and Partial Payments: Orders / Sales that require Pre-Payment, Down Payments, and Partial Payments will not be processed till the Pre-Payment, Down Payment Or Partial Payment is received and has cleared the funding institution.
  28. Field Emergency Service – Emergency Service performed by Complete Water Solutions Field Service Engineering Team Is Available To Current And Established Customers. Those customers who are not established or current may not be eligible for Field Emergency Service.

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