Water Treatment Emergency Services

Our Water Treatment Emergency Services Team Is Ready for Any Situation With Your Water Treatment Equipment

Complete Water Solutions understands your water treatment plant and water supply runs are a critical part of your treatment process or utilities. We also understand that when your water treatment system goes down you need a solution fast.

You need to know there is a team on its way to fix your system – That’s us!

Complete Water Solutions is your partner when you need water treatment emergency services. From the time you contact us, until the time we are successful in the repairs, we will be with you every step of the way.

Complete Water Solutions is unique in that we can service any manufacturers’ water treatment equipment. It does not matter who you purchased your water treatment equipment from we can service it.

Complete Water Solutions provides emergency service and parts for many major OEM’s including but not limited to:

Don't Let Water Contaminants Shut Down Your System

Did you know that Complete Water Solutions offers a full line of Water Treatment Monitoring Services? Many of these water treatment monitoring systems have a warning system and emergency notification system to alert you of problems as soon as they happen. Some notification services include text messages, email notifications, emergency notifications, and much more. You don’t even need to have local WiFi or internet access as those services can be provided as well!

Quick Deployment and Repairs

Your water treatment system is a vital part of your business. Whether you run a commercial facility or an industrial manufacturing plant, every minute your water purification equipment is offline is costing you money and productivity.

At Complete Water Solutions, we want to minimize your downtime and get you back to work as quickly as possible. When you call us for an emergency repair, our technicians will head out right away. We equip our service vans with everything our professionals might need to perform emergency water treatment system repairs.

Once they arrive at your facility, they’ll get right to work on restoring your system. Their years of experience in designing, maintaining and troubleshooting water purification equipment allow them to rapidly identify problems and execute quick, effective repairs.

Emergency Contact Information

Emergency Customer Service Phone: (855) 787-4200

Emergency Service Email: info@complete-water.com

Water Treatment Systems We Service

As our name suggests, we provide and service complete water solutions for your business, including a wide selection of water treatment system emergency services.

Our staff undergoes comprehensive training to handle any water treatment equipment issues and can quickly address your concerns.

Here is a list of some of the equipment Complete Water Solutions services:

  • Reverse Osmosis Emergency Service
  • Water Softeners Emergency Service
  • Carbon Filters
  • UV System
  • UF Systems
  • Iron Filtration
  • DI Water
  • Multi Media Filters
  • CEDI – EDI (Deionization)
  • Mix Bed Deionization
  • Single Bed Deionization
  • Water Distribution Systems
  • Water Storage Tanks

When we perform emergency repair services to any of the equipment above, we’ll focus only on what your system needs — that means no unnecessary add-ons that waste time and drive up costs. Our experts will get down to business and complete the repair to get your system back to work.

Emergency Water Purification Equipment Replacements

While we work our hardest to provide water system emergency services that minimize your downtime, we know there are some times you can’t afford to be offline at all. If you need equipment and need it fast, we can help you with that too.

We have an extensive inventory of water purification equipment ready to be transported and installed at a moment’s notice.

Call us now to get on the fast track to repairs! VIEW PRODUCTS

Disaster Preparedness and Relief

Being prepared is a critical part of successfully navigating damage caused by a natural disaster. Due to its geographic diversity, the U.S. is subject to a range of environmental phenomena, including hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, forest fires, flash floods and mudslides. These extreme events can damage facilities and infrastructure and cut off the supply of clean drinking water.

Prepare your community by installing an emergency water treatment system. A reverse osmosis water treatment system will filter any source water to create a continuous flow of fresh drinking water.

Complete Water Solutions is your trusted emergency water system company. We’ll install your equipment and ensure you have the knowledge and tools to use it in the event of a natural disaster. If you do not have a system in place and need one fast, we can quickly set up emergency water purification equipment to provide fresh, clean water for the affected areas.

The Complete Water Solutions Difference

At Complete Water Solutions, we provide the resources and supplies you would expect from a large corporation, paired with the hands-on care and support of a small local business. Every customer who works with us, no matter how small the project, has access to 24/7 phone and video tech support, full documentation and our extensive online resource catalog.

Our expert water treatment technicians are available at any time to provide emergency repairs and services that will keep your system running at peak performance. Every technician has an extensive background and a commitment to ongoing training, so they are ready to take on anything.

Contact us today to find out how Complete Water Solutions can help you.

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