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Steam traps are valving that open and close when condensate is present, allowing steam to pass, for boiler systems.  Steam trap surveys, test, and document the operational status of traps, utilizing both ultrasound and temperature differentials. Survey documentation details a complete trap inventory including, location, type, and application engineering. Survey reports include a full economic analysis (return on investment) and recommendations for specific trap improvements.

Avoid Post-Installation Problems

Our qualified, experienced water system technicians perform steam trap installations.  By utilizing our specialists, you avoid post-installation problems. Typical post-installation problems could include, blockages, water hammer, leaks, or even poor design (trap size).  Faulty steam traps can create safety issues, increase maintenance/energy costs, and affect production.  If these problems do arise, we are able to service your system, regardless of manufacturer or who installed it.  Additionally, experienced installation teams ensure minimized downtime. Making use of Complete Water Solutions installation resources allows you to maximize your resources by not taking valuable maintenance or operation personnel off of your core operations.

Steam Trap Repairs, Parts, & Components

Complete Water Solution is an independent steam trap survey and repair company which gives us the ability to perform unbiased surveys and recommend the optimum solution for our clients regardless of the manufacturer. When it comes to steam traps, we carry all the standard types of steam traps: thermostatic steam traps, thermodynamic steam traps, float and thermostatic steam traps (F&T traps), and inverted bucket steam traps.

Scope of Work for Steam Trap Surveys

  • Evaluate and document trap station noting the following components – isolation valves (inlet and outlet) inlet strainers, blowdown valves on the strainer, outlet check valves (if needed), and trap station bypass.
  • Tag trap with sequentially numbered stainless steel tag and wire hanger.
  • Document traps location, application, steam pressure, manufacturer, model, and technology of trap. Pipe size and trap sizes, connection type, inlet and outlet temperature, and comments about existing installation are also documented.
  • Test operational status of trap using a combination of ultrasound and temperature differential.
  • Provide complete detailed report noting entire results of survey, including synopsis of results (Traps tested, leaking, plugged, not in service, etc.)
  • Provide return on investment calculation. This includes the cost of the survey, replacement steam traps for those traps found to be plugged, failed closed, leaking, or failed open, estimated labor to install the replacement traps. The return on investment is based on the estimated costs associated with the traps found to be plugged, failed closed, leaking, or failed open.
  • A detailed formal report outlining findings and recommendations as well as a full inventory of the steam traps is the final product of the steam trap survey. The report includes all the items above and is available electronically, as a hard copy, or both.


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