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Industrial & Commercial Water Preventative Maintenance Plans

Industrial and Commercial Water Maintenance Plans Complete Water Solutions always understands the importance of having a properly running water system. Whether it is keeping your business’s production line moving, or your boiler running smoothly, having a maintenance plan in place will save you from future headaches. With Complete Water Solutions Preventative Maintenance plan, you can have the peace of mind knowing you have help on your side to minimize downtime. Our maintenance agreements are available to meet every cost level.

We need to recognize why preventative measures are significant to your water filtration system and your business. With regular maintenance of your water treatment equipment, you can extend its life and prevent emergencies. Problems will occur. With regular inspections, we can identify the complications before they cause production shutdowns, water quality issues, or costly damage. Repairs could be a simple as replacement parts, RO membranes, or filter replacements. Many of these smaller replacement parts can even be included in your customizable service plan. The results will save you time and money.

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With over 21 years in the water treatment industry, Complete Water Solutions can offer Preventative Maintenance on most commercial/industrial equipment, with confidence. From Water Softener Systems to Reverse Osmosis Systems, we will take care of you.

What Preventative Maintenance Services Will We Provide?

Our tech will first check with the building engineer to ask about the system and its performance.  We inspect the equipment maintenance log, if available.

Water is tested for hardness, chlorine leakage, iron, Reverse Osmosis quality, and EDI / CEDI quality.

Piping, valves, and tanks will be inspected for leaks, corrosion, or exterior damage.

A complete report is issued after each inspection, which includes all pertinent data.

Flow patterns for regeneration and service cycles are checked for proper operation. Each cycle will be started for an abbreviated period:

Service cycle

Backwash cycle

Brine cycle

Rinse cycle

Flush cycle

Manual operation of each cycle to check the pilot spool.

Cam gear and pilot strainer are inspected.

Pressure tubing to valves is inspected.

System is checked for leaking to drain.

Brine tank and brine level in the tank are inspected.

Brine valve is inspected.

Brine rinse cycle is timed and checked for depressurization.

Brine draw and rate is observed.

Flow patterns for backwashing and service cycles are checked for proper operation. Each cycle will be started for an abbreviated period:

Service Cycle

Backwash Cycle

Controls are observed for proper operation and programming. Adjustments are made as needed. Electronic controls are manually stepped through operations and reviewed for proper programming. Re-writing of any program is not included.

A complete report is issued after each inspection, which includes all pertinent data.

Pump & Motor Check

Membrane/Prefilter Check

Pressures are regulated and adjusted for best possible quality water.

The Electronic Deionization System is checked for quality, resistivity output, and electrical consumption. All wiring and water connections are checked. Adjustments are made for best quality water.

Calibration of Probes & Monitors – pH, Conductivity, Resistivity, Hardness, Chlorine, and ORP

Training on the sequence of operation of the existing system shall be provided for new or existing personnel upon request.

Our water system technicians can even record their maintenance work to create a reference for future use. The hands-on training opportunities we offer, both in a classroom and on-site, mean you can know more than ever before about your water treatment system. Armed with additional knowledge, you will know when your system is experiencing irregularities or problems and be able to schedule preventative maintenance instead of an emergency repair.

Preventative Maintenance contracts can include all parts, service parts, membranes, and prefilters. We even provide contracts for up to 5 years to include all maintenance items.

Water Treatment System Maintenance Schedules

  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Monthly
  • Quarterly
  • Semi-annual
  • Remote monitoring
  • 24 Hour technical support
  • Priority service

Good news, with 24-hour technical support, your industrial or commercial water system will be in great hands around the clock. You will no longer have to worry about 4 am quality issues or a third-shift shutdown. Complete Water experts will be standing by to talk you through a solution or arrange a repair.

Maintenance Plans Keep Water Systems Running Smooth

No matter how often you need one of our trained experts to perform maintenance on your water treatment system, we have the perfect plan. Preventative maintenance keeps your system running at peak performance.  Clean and efficient, meaning your water treatment system will last longer. Save money in the long run and schedule a regular maintenance plan today.

From semi-annual check-ups and cleanings to daily maintenance, Complete Water Solutions is here to meet your needs. Our priority service creates the perfect option if your business cannot go more than a few hours with your water purification system running. A water system technician will be on your site as quickly as possible. One of our many water purification preventative maintenance agreements is sure to meet the needs and demands of your industry.


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