Medical Water Treatment

Creating Dependable, Reliable, & Consistent Results
for the Medical Industry

Medical Water Treatment Systems

Filtration Systems Purify Water to the Highest Standards

When dealing with the medical field, we know the importance of creating dependable and reliable results every time. You can’t afford to install a water treatment system which misfires or fluctuates results from time to time. With a purification system from Complete Water Solutions, you can rest assured it is installed correctly to start creating dependable results right away. Along with our preventative maintenance agreements, you can schedule how often you want one of our water treatment experts to come on-site keeping your equipment running as efficiently as possible.

Multiple Benefits for Medical Industries

There are many reasons why medical water, above all others, requires precise purity. Similar to water used in a laboratory setting, medical water is often used in the diagnosis and treatment of disease and must itself be free of pathogens and contaminates. Infectious disease and quarantine wards require water that won’t interrupt the healing process of patients. Medical labs creating medication need water that won’t mess with study results through the presence of biological or mineral particles.

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Ultraviolet Shines a Light on Bacteria

Water purification with an Ultraviolet treatment system is capable of removing 99.9% of all germs and bacteria from water. In fact, the DNA of the contaminants is altered so they are unable to reproduce, making it safe for human consumption. This level of ultra-clean water makes the Ultraviolet system ideal for producing water for medical uses as it meets the highest standards. Ultraviolet is also free of odor and taste and doesn’t add chemicals to the final product.

Reverse Osmosis for Medical Use

Reverse osmosis is becoming the standard for removing both suspended and dissolved solids in the water treatment industries. Complete Water Solutions is well versed in reverse osmosis having logged over 400+ hours of Reverse Osmosis Certified Training before servicing your system. Our semipermeable membrane allows only the most pure water to pass through, while catching and filtering out all the unwanted minerals and particles.

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