Water Softeners

What is a Water Softener?

Water Softener is an ion exchange system that works by removing calcium ions and magnesium ions that make up hard water. When water flows through a Softener, the system exchanges these hard water minerals, and the softened water then leaves the water softening system.

Water Softening System Installation

Water Softeners Designed for Superior Filtration

Complete Water Solutions can help you achieve superior filtration no matter your location! Water is classified as “hard water” when high amounts of calcium and magnesium are present. This causes minerals and other particles to buildup and form clogs in your pipes. To create soft water, a water softening system with sodium regeneration is installed. Complete Water Solutions offers a variety of water softening options, creating the perfect water service to meet your needs. Learn when you should have your water softener serviced here. Soft water is not only better for your pipes, but it also helps reduce scale on boilers, cooling towers, and other processes.

Commercial and Industrial Water Softeners

Complete Water Solution’s Sodium Zeolite Softeners are designed for industrial applications and commercial businesses. Softeners are used in many applications, including boiler makeup water and process water.

The buildup caused by water hardness is capable of clogging, damaging pipes, and ruining equipment. Pipes and equipment last longer when used with soft water and keep maintenance costs down. Any facility dependent on boiler performance should use a water softener system to reduce the amount of scale forming minerals in the water. These minerals leave deposits in the boiler, which makes it harder to achieve the necessary temperatures for operation, making the process inefficient. Cooling towers also perform better with soft water.

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Water Softeners Installation

Having hard water will likely decrease the performance of your system, including piping flow and pressure issues. Soft water is overall better for your piping and water-dependent equipment. Hard water in your facility causes many problems in daily life. Mineral deposits are known as “scale” will build up around hard water sources, making your boilers, piping, and equipment work harder.

You will also find it easier to rinse chemicals and have less scaling potential. Our technicians are Safety Trained Professions that can ensure the best installation. From turnkey installation where we handle it all, start-up and training services, Complete Water Solutions has you covered. Our team of water softener installation professionals has experience in:

  • Water Softener installation while not shutting the existing system down.
  • Temporary Systems while the other system is being replaced.
  • Emergency Water Softener Installation
  • Water Softener Piping Installation
    • Stainless Steel Piping
    • PVC Piping
    • Copper Piping
    • Galvanized Piping
    • PLC Installation & Integration

Available Water Softening Products

  • Fiberglass or Steel Construction Vessels
  • Flow Rates 1-2100 GPM
  • Non-Code and ASME Code Tanks
  • Valve Nest & Multi-ported Control Valve
  • Skid Mounted Pre-Piped and Wired
  • Meter Based Regeneration or Hardness Monitor
  • Based Regeneration
  • PLC Controller Option
  • Pipe Options (SS, CS, PVC, Copper)

Our team of professional technicians have training with all types of industrial and commercial water softeners. From older units to the latest model, we are ready to conduct inspections, maintenance, and repairs on your system. We have installed softener units in a wide variety of businesses from Car Washes, Office Buildings, Cleaners, Laundry mats and more. We service all makes and models of water conditioning equipment, regardless of who installed it.

Water Softener Leasing

Hard water occurs when excessive amounts of calcium and magnesium are present. This will ultimately lead to an attraction of other unwanted minerals that can cause blockage in your piping. For many businesses, a single blocked pipe may cause extended delays and damage to the rest of the water system. To break up these nasty obstructions before they cause problems, Complete Water Solution’s has options to purchase or lease water softener filtration systems. This will prevent buildups on commercial and industrial equipment. We have a large collection of water softening equipment, like the CIS150 32GPM Softener System, for sale or lease.


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