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Water Filtration Experts Only Recommend What You Need

At Complete Water Solutions, we believe in honesty with our clients. When upgrading your water system, it’s important to find a business partner who won’t pressure you into getting parts or services you don’t need, just so they can make a quick buck. Our water experts have experience and knowledge of every water system product, offering the best recommendations which are most suitable for your needs. It can be as simple as a single controller upgrade to a Reverse Osmosis System upgrade to produce more RO water. We make sure your new water purification system upgrades is absolutely needed or will save you money, energy, or water in the long run before making a recommendation.

If you are not sure if you should replace your water system or upgrade it, Complete Water Solutions technicians can inspect your system to determine its needs. We are familiar with systems of all makes and brands, making it easy to identify potential problem areas. Even with that in mind, we will still only recommend an upgrade for a part truly in need, to save you money. Complete Water Solutions will never suggest an unnecessary upgrade, as this can actually damage your water system.

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Experts in Industrial Water Purification System Upgrades

If your industrial water system is outdated or is no longer performing at the level needed, Complete Water Solutions has the upgrade you need to stay in business. Rather than replace the entire water treatment system, we will look at your current water system to see what can be done with your current equipment, then offer you multiple solutions to meet your budget and time needs. We know your industrial facility cannot afford to sit idle as a part is upgraded, which is why we only recommend the most necessary upgrades for your company to prevent later repairs or full replacements.

Whether it’s a commercial water system upgrade or a large-scale industrial upgrade, no job is too large or too small for Complete Water Solutions. If you believe your water system could be more efficient or know it is simply not up to industry standards, Complete Water technicians are ready to lend a hand. We are knowledgeable of every make and model used in water systems today, allowing us to make the best recommendations for compatible upgrade equipment. Our staff holds themselves to the highest standards, ensuring you receive nothing short of the best service.

Steps to Upgrading Service

Whether your looking to upgrade your water softener system or ro system Complete Water Solutions are pro’s when it comes to upgrading equipment. When reviewing your water treatment upgrade needs we have to look at a few things.

  • Water Quality – while the existing system may be meeting the needs of water quality upgrading your system may not meet those water quality requirements. So performing a incoming water analysis to determine if the system upgrade will still me the requirements.
  • Flow Rate – this is one of the most common reasons for upgrading a system is to produce more flow or produce more water. A few things to consider when upgrading your system for flow. Are all water treatment equipment in the water treatment system able to handle the increased flow? Upgrading a RO System for example may need a larger softener or carbon filter in order to handle the increased water flow. Plumbing (water supply) and Pressure is another area that can affect the flow and may need to be reviewed or upgraded to handle the new water demand.
  • Utilities – Water, Air, Electrical Systems, Steam are all part of the utility category. Utilities may change when upgrading a water treatment system. Reverse Osmosis upgrades may require to upgrade the pump. This upgrade of the pump may require more FLA (Full Load Amps) which may result in larger gauge electrical wiring and higher AMP breaker. If your pump is controlled by a motor starter with overload you may need to increase the overload portion of the motor starter.
  • Waste Treatment Plant – If your facility has a waste treatment plant can it handle the increased wastewater load? You may have to upgrade your waste treatment process or even look to other avenues to reduce wastewater loading. One option for reduction of the wastewater treatment system might include requesting a DNR/EPA permit to dispose of RO Concentrate (RO Waste Water) to the storm sewer as it may meet the requirements to do so. Another example of increased contaminants may include things like chlorides. With increased water softener demand may result in increased regenerations which will increase your chloride discharge. There are ways to reduce chlorides in a water softener system which can reduce the chlorides in your wastewater treatment system.

These are just a few things that may need to be looked at before upgrading your system. In some cases, you may not need to do anything. One example is on RO Systems you may be able to just change out the RO Membranes to increase water production. Hiring an experienced Service Technician or Field Service Engineer can help determine the needs required and provide some insight on best practices.


In some circumstances, replacement may be more beneficial than upgrading. Have your water treatment professional from Complete Water Solutions provide a systematic analysis for the best route for your water purification system upgrades.


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