Deionization Water Treatment Systems

Deionization (DI) water treatment systems produce ultra-pure water by removing total dissolved solids (TDS) and ionized minerals from source water.

The most common ionized minerals found in source water include calcium, magnesium, sodium, nitrate, potassium, chloride, iron and sulfate. Though these elements may not be problematic in general use, in specialized industrial applications requiring pure water, even the slightest variation can cause issues.

During the deionization process, water passes through charged ion beds filled with ion-exchange resins that remove contaminants and replace them with hydrogen and hydroxyl, which combine to produce pure water. Some systems feature two separate ion beds — a cation bed that removes positive ions and replaces them with hydrogen and an anion bed that replaces negative ions with hydroxyl — while others have mixed beds.

The Electrodeionization Process

At Complete Water Solutions, we offer several models of electrodeionization (EDI) units. These systems work similarly to regular deionized water cleaning systems, but they employ a DC electrical current to force ions through the ion-exchange resins.

In standard DI units, the pores of the resin store removed ions, meaning they will eventually clog and need to be recharged or replaced. In EDI units, the electrical currents constantly recharge the ion-exchange resins, so they don’t need to be replaced as frequently. These systems work entirely off of electricity, making them a completely chemical-free filtration option.

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Buy Deionization Water Treatment Systems From the Industry's Top Brands

Complete Water Solutions is dedicated to bringing you premium products to fulfill your specific water treatment needs. When you buy a deionized water treatment system from us, you can feel confident you are getting the best equipment available.

We offer electrodeionization units from brands like Veolia Water Technologies & Solutions and SnowPure. We’ll help determine the right system for you, install it, teach you how to use it and keep it running at peak performance.

Industries That Use Deionized Water

Deionization is an important part of the water purification process for numerous industries. Users in these fields rely on deionized water cleaning systems to produce the purest water possible for their processes and products. In many cases, contaminants in the water could throw off test results, alter final products or pose potential risks to consumers.

Industries that typically require ultra-pure deionized water include the following:

  • Medical Offices
  • Laboratories
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Cosmetic companies
  • Electronics manufacturing plants
  • Food processing plants
  • Electroplating and anodizing

EDI systems are often used as part of a water purification system rather than as stand-alone units. A filter or reverse osmosis system will help remove larger particles before the EDI system removes the remaining ions. Together, these systems produce ultra-purified water.

Related Products

Complete Water Solutions supplies everything you need to produce ultra-pure water for your business or facility, including EDI units, combination reverse osmosis/deionization (RO/DI) systems, replacement parts and tools.

If you aren’t sure what you need, we can help. Our team will analyze your water treatment requirements and design a system that will perfectly meet your needs.

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