Cooling Tower Filtration

Why Is Filtered Water Needed For Industrial Cooling Towers?

Cooling towers are an essential part of many industrial processes. Responsible for keeping equipment at safe temperatures, a system that is performing less than ideal can cause many issues. One of the most problematic elements is water purity issues. What might seem like a trivial aspect, can severely impact your system.

Issues you might run into include:

  • Increased water usage
  • More energy use
  • Corrosion of equipment
  • Mineral Scale
  • Biological growth

The best way to combat these issues is to implement a water filtering solution. Filtered water not only makes your system run smoothly, it also keeps it running at top efficiency. Complete Water Solutions can improve cooling tower system efficiency for better water usage and savings at your industrial plant. Not only will you see greater results, but you will also meet various EPA and OSHA industry standards for your Midwest state with regular cooling tower filtration services. Keep your staff safe and your facility running with Complete Water Solutions.

Properly Filtered Water Benefits Your System

Cooling towers are essential components used for heat exchange in various industrial and HVAC systems. They work by allowing warm water to interact with ambient air, which dissipates the heat. This process is vital for maintaining optimal temperatures in industrial processes.

When your system uses high quality filtered water, it runs at peak performance and requires less maintenance. The experts at Complete Water are here to assist you in choosing the system that will work best for your application.


Common Issues And How A Filtration System Can Help

The quality of water used in your cooling tower might not seem significant as long as it seems to be performing its cooling function. However, it’s crucial to recognize that using unpurified water can pose various risks and dangers.

Reduced Heat Transfer: Particulate contaminants can form a layer on the surfaces inside the cooling tower, insulating it instead of releasing heat. This can cause the system to work harder. Pure water lowers this risk by removing these contaminants before they get the chance to do damage.

Scaling: Dissolved minerals can create buildup on your system. These buildups form a hard layer much like concrete. Not only is this hard to remove, it also restricts water flow which can drastically impact performance. Choosing a filtering system that targets minerals is a good way to keep your system looking and running it’s best.

Corrosion: When impurities in the water are allowed to stand for long periods, corrosion can start to occur. This can lead to pitting and rust. Repairing or replacing corroded parts can be costly. A solution like our Reverse Osmosis system insures that both impurities and chemical elements (sulfates and sulfides) are removed.

Biological Growth: A lack of water treatment can promote the growth of bacteria, algae, and other microorganisms. This can clog the system, create foul odors, and be a risk to your personnel. A media filtration system can make sure you are getting the cleanest water possible to your system to prevent any unwanted microorganisms.

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Businesses around the world trust Complete Water Solutions to provide cooling tower filtration systems. Our experienced technicians will give you thorough, hands-on support and ensure that your system meets and exceeds all requirements and industry standards.

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Industrial Water Filtration System Options

These systems, along with others offered by Complete Water Solutions, will give your industrial facility pure, clean water for better pipe protection and clog prevention. We can also design a custom cooling tower filtration system to fit perfectly into your industrial building, just give us a call.

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Using RO Systems to Feed Cooling Towers

In the past, this has not been a popular option, but recently it has been gaining more traction. Not every location or water source is good to treat a cooling tower with Reverse Osmosis. Most common reason to use RO water to feed cooling towers is to lower chloride discharge, lower tower blow down, or lower tower pH. To find out if your cooling tower is a good candidate for Reverse Osmosis contact Complete Water Solutions to have a free analysis completed.

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