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Water pumps are the unseen driving force for many Wisconsin, Illinois, and Midwestern businesses. Whether the products you sell are crafted by water use or need materials cooled by water in a timely matter. All pumps work the same. The pump’s purpose is to move liquids. Some moving parts, if it is an impeller or piston, creates a vacuum that displaces the liquid. Complete Water Solutions knows pumps and offers unmatched customer service in the industry, no matter what type of pump.

From installing top water pump systems to being able to design a custom water pump for your industrial facility, our team has experience doing it all. There is a reason many major companies rely on us for their commercial water pump needs, we provide an unmatched level of service they can’t find anywhere else.

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Improving Pump Efficiency

Even the best pumps can lose efficiency over time through regular use. While scheduled maintenance can prevent damage and water pump failure, sometimes an entirely new pump installation is still necessary.

There are many reasons a water pump can become inefficient, including:

  • Age – Older water systems and pipes might not meet up to modern demands. Upgrading or replacing your outdated pump with a custom system can restore pump efficiency and prevent water pump failure.
  • Damage – There are many ways pumps can be damaged through accidents or improper usage. If pumps are not given regular maintenance, these problems can lead to lower efficiency or total failure.
  • Improper Sizing – With water pumps being involved in many industries and commercial businesses, a pump suitable for one factory might not be ideal for another. Complete Water Solutions staff can help you determine the exact pump your industrial or commercial business needs for optimum efficiency.
  • Problems with the water system – Using an inefficient or outdated water pump can add strain to a water filtration system. An issue with a reverse osmosis filtration system or water softener can cause irregular outputs from water pumps.
  • Blockages – Contaminants and hard water can both cause blockages to occur in pumps and pipes. These blockages make it difficult for water to be efficiently pumped as the water pressure changes.

No matter the reason for your current pump’s inefficiency, Complete Water Solution technicians can help you come up with the right pump to meet your industrial and commercial needs. Weather you need a centrifugal pump (end suction, horizontal split case, axial flow pump, submersible pump, etc.), or a positive displacement pump (screw pump, rotary pumps, piston pumps, etc.) depends on your system. Knowing the different types of pumps, could help make your decision easier or confuse you even more. Another option would be to have a custom pump made, this could save you water, energy consumption and money as you experience greater pump efficiency.


Water Pump Service

Having correctly-sized, reliable pumps can make all the difference. Just because you have one currently working in your system, does not mean it is the right size. If someone else installed the water pump, it may be too large or too small, leading you to spend more money than you should on the amount of water going through the pipes. Our water filtration experts will come out to your facility to review your entire water treatment system making certain everything is the right size and properly operating. Having Complete Water Solutions overview your current system will save you money, through water efficiency and energy efficiency, in the long run.


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