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Provide the ultimate protection for your pipes and vessels by using one of our trusted water treatment systems. Complete Water Solutions has years of experience with water systems for industrial facilities. Whether you need one installed, repaired, or upgraded, our team of water experts are with you every step of the way.

Poor water treatment can set your business back thousands of dollars and lose valuable work time. High levels of calcium and magnesium in the water can lead to an increase in energy bills or cause the system to fail altogether. From purifying your industrial water to filtering out a closed loop of running water, you are sure to find the answers to your water treatment needs with Complete Water Solutions.

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Industrial Water Solutions Include:

Whether you need a simple tune-up for your pipes or require an entirely new water system to be installed, Complete Water Solutions technicians will meet your industrial needs. We can service industrial facilities from Wisconsin to Illinois, Indiana, and the rest of the Midwest.

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Ecowater 302CS Carbon Filter System Triplex

Industrial Water Pre-Treatment

Industries turn to Complete Water Solutions for our expert service and unmatched quality work on their pre-treatment needs. Whether it’s media filtration to create cleaner water or industrial softening system repair, our staff provides top notch results. We can work on every make and model system currently in use today.

Pre-treatment is especially important for industrial facilities to meet various Environmental Protection Agency and other government standards. The EPA requirements for wastewater pre-treatment can vary from state to state, so let Complete Water Solutions help you to meet the right requirements for your Midwestern state. Specific industries may also face more Federal laws that need to be addressed. Make your industrial facility environmentally friendly whether you’re in Minnesota or Wisconsin with Complete Water Solutions pre-treatment water systems.

Reverse Osmosis for Industrial Systems

Reverse Osmosis is becoming the standard for removing both suspended solids and dissolved solids in the water treatment industries. Complete Water Solutions is highly experienced in reverse osmosis, with our technicians having over 400+ hours logged of reverse osmosis certified training before servicing your system. Our extensive experience extends to nearly all types of reverse osmosis systems from Illinois to Indiana, leading to more efficient repairs when servicing your system.

The process of reverse osmosis is beneficial for industrial water systems for a variety of reasons. Not only is water more pure, there is less of a possibility of clogs occurring in the pipes as solids are removed. This means the life of your pipes is extended over conventional water treatment systems. The high purity water Complete Water Solutions provides can also be applied to desalination and process water removal.

Membrane Care Program for Midwest Industries

Complete Water Solutions Membrane Care Program provides peace of mind when it comes to your membrane cleaning. Complete Water Solutions can provide on-site or off-site cleaning depending on which is more convenient for your needs. With off-site cleaning, we register each membrane for accuracy and provide a before and after cleaning report, which allows you the opportunity to replace any membranes which are not meeting industry specifications.

Industrial Strength Water Filters

Not only do we provide solutions for water, but we also service the process filtration market too. From backwash filtration to iron reduction filtration systems, Complete Water Solutions offers a wide variety of filtration solutions to best suit your industrial facility. Our experienced staff can recommend the best type of filtration for your industry needs. Whatever type of water you need filtered, Complete Water Solutions will provide the solution.


We can provide filter cartridges to fit most water filtration systems. Complete Water Solutions can even supply custom sizes for special industrial water systems. With a preventative maintenance agreement, we can keep track of all your filters and keep a schedule of when they need to be emptied, sterilized, or replaced.

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Industrial boilers run on feedwater. If this water is not kept pure, the boiler system may break down from scaling and corrosion. Repairs are expensive and shutdowns lead to delays. Complete Water Solutions has ways to help keep your boiler water clean.

How Does Clean Water Increase Boiler Efficiency?

DI Exchange Service

Deionization Exchange tanks for industrial solutions are also available through Complete Water Solutions. This process uses resins to remove dissolved solids from water, leaving only hydrogen and oxygen molecules. This exceptionally pure water can then be used in various industrial capacities.

Improve the quality of water at your industrial facility with deionization. Whether it’s a temporary system or long-term equipment, our water treatment experts can provide you with customized solutions to provide the water quality you require.

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