Cooling Tower Filtration Solutions

Industrial Cooling Tower Filtration Services

Whether you need a cooling tower filtration system installed or custom-designed, Complete Water Solutions provides the services you need. Industrial buildings rely on their cooling tower system to run efficiently around the clock. Buildings with operating cooling towers generally use around 28 percent of their daily water for cooling. If your current system is not running at full capacity, you may be using more water than needed and using more energy consumption. Not only are you wasting money, but a malfunctioning cooling tower filtration system will cause the machinery to operate at a higher temperature, creating potential problems or even total failure, resulting in costly tower repair services.

Complete Water Solutions can improve cooling tower system efficiency for better water usage and savings at your industrial plant. Not only will you see greater results, but you will also meet various EPA and OSHA industry standards for your Midwest state with regular cooling tower filtration services. Keep your staff safe and your facility running with Complete Water Solutions.

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Why Pure Water is Necessary for Tower Filtration

The water quality used by your tower may not seem important, so long as the water is doing its job. However, there are several dangers from unpurified water. For one, even small particles can eventually clog a pipe, resulting in heat and pressure damage as water is unable to get through the solids or debris. Clean water is less likely to cause premature erosion, saving you from replacing pipes and parts frequently, keeping your maintenance costs down. Whether you have an oil refinery or nuclear power plant, taking care of your tower water is easy with assistance from the experts at Complete Water Solutions.

Industrial Water Filtration System Options Include:

These systems, along with others offered by Complete Water Solutions, will give your industrial facility pure, clean water for better pipe protection and clog prevention. If you cannot decide on a filtration system, our certified Wisconsin technicians can recommend the best one for your building needs.

Can RO Systems Feed Cooling Towers?

While this has not been a popular option, it has been gaining more traction. Not every location or water source is good to treat a cooling tower with Reverse Osmosis. Most common reason to use RO water to feed cooling towers is to lower chloride discharge, lower tower blow down, or lower tower pH. To find out if your cooling tower is a good candidate for Reverse Osmosis contact Complete Water Solutions to have a free analysis completed.


Custom Cooling Tower Filtration Systems

From designing a custom cooling tower filtration to fit perfectly into your industrial building to cleaning any current cooling tower on the market today, our water filtration experts are here to help.

At Complete Water Solutions, along with installing and designing cooling tower filtration systems, we can offer regular maintenance, equipment upgrades, and hands-on training for your staff to understand your water filtration system better. We now offer leases on our cooling tower equipment to save you time and money. If you know exactly what you need or would like some assistance, please call one of our trained staff members to set up your appointment today.


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