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COMPLETE WATER SOLUTIONS is well versed in industrial and commercial Osmonics reverse osmosis systems. Osmonics began manufacturing robust reverse osmosis systems in Minnesota in the 1970s. In 2003, Osmonics RO company was purchased by GE and renamed GE-Osmonics as part of GE Water Technologies. In 2017, GE decided to sell its Water Technologies branch in pursuit of other enterprises. The Osmonics brand was sold once again, this time to Veolia Water Technologies & Solutions.

Though Osmonics has changed hands, rest assured that Complete Water Solutions can help you maintain your system no matter the brand or provider. We will continue to service all Osmonics water treatment systems and provide unwavering customer support.

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Complete Water Solutions has remained an Osmonics Elite Channel Partner, allowing us access to great tools, parts and equipment from the Osmonics brand. We are service and repair experts when it comes to Osmonicsreverse osmosis systems. Complete Water Solutions provides both parts and services for Osmonics RO Systems and Non-Osmonics RO Systems. We can help source OEM parts as well as provide cost-effective, robust RO alternatives.

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Complete Water Solutions provides start-to-finish service and support for reverse osmosis systems by Osmonics and any other major manufacturer — not just the ones we sell. We’ll help you install a custom RO system specifically designed to meet your water treatment requirements.

Once your system is in place, our expert service technicians will provide ongoing support to keep your equipment functioning at peak performance. We have access to all of the parts, tools and know-how to maintain your system and minimize your downtime.

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Though Osmonics reverse osmosis systems are designed to be straightforward, any new equipment comes with a learning curve. Complete Water Solutions will help you understand your new system quickly and effectively through installation and setup.

When we install and set up your equipment, we will walk you through the parts and processes. This explanation will help give you a better understanding of the functions of your new system.

We also offer training sessions on-site or online to help your staff learn how to operate your new Osmonics equipment. Our hands-on sessions can be conducted one-on-one with individual employees or in a classroom setting for groups who will be using the equipment.

Having a better working knowledge of your system will help you operate it more efficiently and be more aware of potential warning signs that could indicate mechanical issues. Catching these warning signs early could help prevent expensive breakdowns and emergency repairs.

If you have simple troubleshooting questions, give us a call any time. Our technicians are available 24/7 by video or phone for tech support.


While there are a number of exceptional water treatment systems on the market, Osmonics’ robust RO systems stand out from the crowd.

Customers who install Osmonics water treatment equipment benefit from the following:

  • Reliable operation: Osmonics reverse osmosis systems are built to perform, with durable features that will stand up to any industrial or commercial usage.
  • High-quality product water: Water purified in your Osmonics system is sure to meet quality standards for your applications.
  • Easy-to-use design: Reverse osmosis systems by Osmonics are designed to be user-friendly and feature straightforward controls.
  • Access to replacement parts: Through Complete Water Solutions, you’ll have access to all of the parts and tools you need to maintain your Osmonics RO system.

In addition to the advantages offered by Osmonics equipment, your system will come backed with the expertise and service of our team at Complete Water Solutions. Get in touch today for help deciding which Osmonics reverse osmosis system might be right for you. In the meantime, check out our FAQs here.

Osmonics RO Systems Documentation

At Complete Water Solutions, we strive to provide our clients with all of the resources and information they need to make informed decisions about their reverse osmosis systems and other water treatment equipment.

As part of our mission to educate, we have compiled an extensive resource catalog on our website covering reverse osmosis basics and several other topics. We also offer complete documentation for the products we offer.

To view specific details for Osmonics reverse osmosis equipment, browse the resources below.

*Note – Documentation/Manuals may not be up-to-date. To ensure you have the most recent version, contact Complete Water Solutions.


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