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Complete Water Solutions water treatment experts travel throughout the Midwest to provide industrial and commercial water system repairs. Our top-notch water treatment services carry over to all our services in Wisconsin and Northern Illinois. Located in Wisconsin, we strive to provide the best water filtration system services throughout Illinois, Indiana, and beyond.

From business to corporations, our clients are always satisfied by our quality of work and blown away by the level of our customer care for every job. Whether an entire industrial facility requires an upgrade or a water softener requires replacement, we treat every job and every customer with the same level of respect and importance. See what some of our valued customers have to say about our service, experience, and knowledge of their water treatment systems.


Recently we were tasked with producing Reverse Osmosis water for one of our key operations. We began our search and came across Complete Water Solutions.

Due to our customer requirements, we needed something rather quickly. Complete Water Solutions was able to secure a Rental RO System for us, while they were building our new Reverse Osmosis. Complete Water has been extremely helpful and instrumental in our water purification requirements.

Mr. Olszak personally visited our site more than once to assist our team with installation as well as training & advice. I was able to call him any day of the week & get a quick response.

We highly recommend Complete Water Solutions for your next water treatment project.


Mike Walther
President and COO
Hocking International Laboratories


Recently Black Bear Bottling Group was tasked with upgrading the existing water system. With our customer on-site overseeing the project, we worked under a time constraint to get our system upgraded as soon as possible.

On March 27, 2015, our past water treatment supplier shipped us 7,000 pounds of the wrong materials to complete the project. We immediately began reaching out to local municipalities and water treatment providers with minimal to no luck. At 4 PM we connected with Nathan Olszak at Complete Water Solutions.

Complete water solutions not only was able to source the correct carbon but they were able to deliver it Saturday, March 28, 2015 by 9 AM.

Black Bear continues to use Complete Water Solutions for all of our water treatment equipment needs.

We would recommend Complete Water Solutions not only in emergency situations, but for ongoing service, maintenance, and assistance with your water treatment.

Pete Caruso Jr.

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I am writing to express our appreciation for the help we received from Cindy when we asked how we could decrease our chloride discharge to the city. The city is preparing for stricter chloride discharge regulations in the future and they had asked us to try to find ways to limit our discharge to the city sewer.

Through the Annual Review process we added a couple projects to our Value Generation Plan that Cindy recommended we do to lower our chloride discharge. The first project was to change from soft water to hard water make to our RO system. The second project was to install a brine reclaim system on our existing softener system that will be used for the remaining soft water requirements.

By using antiscalant ahead of the RO we were able to run hard city water to the RO eliminating 29% of our soft water demand. We saved 27.1 tons of salt from entering the environment this year by doing this and saved about 1/4 million gallons of wastewater going to the sewer.

Cindy introduced us to one of GE’s premier pre-treatment equipment distributors, Nathan Olszak (now with Complete Water Solutions), and he provided us with the polishing softener for the RO system and the brine reclaim system for our current softener system. He also recommended replacing the resin in the current softener system to save additional salt.

Based on calculations done by Cindy, we figure we used 10% less salt this year for making the remaining soft water needed for the cooling water, cleaning water and topping water by installing the brine reclaim system. This resulted in eliminating 1.7 tons of salt back into the environment.

Based on calculations done by Cindy, we figure we have reduced wastewater to the city by 36.4%. We saved about 1/2 million gallons of wastewater from going to the city by installing the brine reclaim system.

Therefore, the total impact to the environment is that we were able to save 3/4 million gallons of wastewater that would have had 28.9 tons of salt in it. Cost savings calculated out to be $4,624 this year for the salt and $6,464 in the city water and sewer costs.

In fact the city had sent over a letter commending us on our chloride discharge reduction. Their records indicate that we went from a 12,656 ppm weekly average of chlorides in our wastewater flow last year to 2,443 ppm weekly average of chlorides in our wastewater this year. The city was impressed with our reduction.

Here is the data that was used:

Parameter Year 1 Year 2
Cases Produced (mm) 5.5 4.2
Gals of brine used for softeners 110,220 54,532
Tons of salt used for softeners 136.7 67.6 (Based on 2.48 lbs of salt per gal of concentrate brine)
Soft water use (mm of gals) 23.7 15.4
Avg weekly chloride level (ppm) 12,555 2,443
Gals of wastewater to city (mm of gals) 1.83 .87
Tons of softener salt total per mm cases 24.8 16.1 (Result of RO and brine reclaim project)
Tons of softener salt (minus RO) per mm gals 17.8 16.1 (Results of the brine reclaim system)
Feedwater to RO (mm gals) 6.75 6.25
Soft water used per mm cases 3.1 3.6
Tower water makeup (mm gals) 3.33 3.63 (Higher cooling water use due to all the dumping and cleanings)

Plant Operations Manager


February 3, 2017

Our company was having trouble with our former water treatment company. Our water treatment system is vital to our electroplating operations. When it came time to renew our contract, we were referred to Complete Water Solutions. Since switching to Complete Water Solutions we have benefited from:

  • Thorough Quarterly PM Reports
  • Next Day Service
  • Emergency Service (same day)
  • Quickly Responded Emails & Phone Calls
  • Training Of How To Test Our Water
  • Training Of System Operations

All of the Complete Water Solutions’ technicians are very knowledgeable. They take their time onsite and check over everything, even on just routine DI Take Exchanges. Each of the Complete Water team technicians communicates after every visit to let us know how things are operating. This gives us peace of mind knowing that the system is operating efficiently.

We have had complete water solutions for over two years now and highly recommend them to maintain your water treatment system.

Director of Chemical and Environmental Compliance

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