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The metal finishing industry uses ultra-pure water to create solutions that are used to coat products in metal plating. The chemistry that goes into creating these solutions must be precise to ensure the final product is up to standards.

Electroplating water treatment systems are a must to ensure the water used in the electroplating process meets the specifications of each project. These deionized water specifications will vary according to the manufacturer’s requirements but, generally speaking, DI water with a specific conductance of less than 10 micromhos (equivalent to a resistance of 100,000 ohms) is needed.

On most city water supplies, these precise requirements can be achieved using a two-bed deionizer or a reverse osmosis system from Complete Water Solutions.

The Difference Between Distilled and Deionized Water

The deionized water used by manufacturers in the electroplating industry is distinctly different from distilled water.

Distillation removes minerals, bacteria, and many organics. However, it may not remove all oils and VOCs (volatile organic chemicals) from water as they can carry over in the steam. Deionization removes minerals, oils, and VOCs but will not remove bacteria, sugars and other organics.

Deionized water contains very few ions, making it ideal in a chemical solution. Because it contains very few things aside from H2O, we know the electroplating bath will have only what we add to it and want it to have. This also means that cleaner baths made up with purified water should last longer than identical baths made with hard or soft water.

Truly purified and clean water will never cause water spots. The appearance of water spots following a purified water rinse indicates that either the water is not as clean as previously thought, or that contaminants have found their way into the rinse.

Wastewater Treatment Systems

Because of the processes involved, the metal finishing industry requires source water treatment solutions as well as wastewater treatment systems.

Wastewater produced in electroplating, anodizing and other metal finishing processes can contain heavy metals, oils and other toxins that pose dangers to the environment. In order to meet environmental regulations for wastewater disposal, metal finishing companies need to buy electroplating water systems for wastewater treatment.

Complete Water Solutions can provide both source water and wastewater treatment systems for your electroplating facility to keep you compliant with NPDES and CWA specifications.

Your Trusted Electroplating Water System Company

Businesses around the world trust Complete Water Solutions to provide electroplating water systems and services. Our experienced technicians will give you thorough, hands-on support and ensure that your system meets and exceeds all requirements and industry standards.

But you don’t have to take it from us — ask our customers!


All of the Complete Water Solutions’ technicians are very knowledgeable. They take their time onsite and check over everything, even on just routine DI Take Exchanges. Each of the Complete Water team technicians communicates after every visit to let us know how things are operating. This gives us peace of mind knowing that the system is operating efficiently.

We have had Complete Water Solutions for over two years now and highly recommend them to maintain your water treatment system.


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Equipment From the Industry’s Top Manufacturers

At Complete Water Solutions, we maintain a comprehensive inventory of water treatment equipment, accessories, replacement parts, tools and other necessary supplies. We carry only the most reliable and best-rated items from trusted brands in the industry to ensure our customers get superior-quality products.

Whether you need electrodeionization, reverse osmosis or another specialized system, we can outfit your facility with electroplating water treatment equipment from brands like:

  • Veolia Water Technologies & Solutions
  • SnowPure
  • Osmonics
  • GE Water
  • IonPure

Already have a system in place from another brand? No worries! Our expert technicians can provide electroplating water system services on equipment from almost any major manufacturer, no matter who you purchased it from.

The Complete Water Solutions Difference

Complete Water Solutions works with companies around the world in countless industries to provide individualized water treatment solutions designed to meet industry standards and water production requirements.

We combine the vast resources and expertise of a national corporation with the hands-on care and support of a small local business to bring you exceptional start-to-finish electroplating water treatment system services.

Customers who choose Complete Water Solutions as their water treatment system company take advantage of the following benefits:

  • Decades of experience: Our staff has more than four decades of combined experience designing, installing and maintaining water treatment systems for various industrial applications.
  • Online customer portal: We offer thorough documentation and service records on an accessible online customer portal so you don’t have to dig through papers for information.
  • 24/7 support and service: Our team offers 24/7 phone and video tech support as well as around-the-clock emergency repair services to address system breakdowns.
  • Complete transparency: We keep you informed about every service rendered, issues with your system and pricing information for total transparency.

If you’re ready to start designing, repairing or updating your electroplating water treatment systems, we can help! Schedule a service appointment or contact us online for more information.


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