RO Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting LT4 Reverse Osmosis System

Nathan Olszak27 Year Of Water Treatment Equipment Experience. I have been blessed with the opportunity to learn from the ground up. Starting in the water treatment field as a service technician. Servicing all major brands of water treatment equipment.

E4 Reverse Osmosis Daily Checks & Pre Filter Maintenance

  Complete Water Solutions covers what you should be checking daily on your Osmonics / GE Water E4 Reverse Osmosis System (RO System). We cover water testing, flows, pressures as well as changing of the pre filter. We cover water quality testing that is recommended to be done daily. Checking the incoming water supply and […]

RO System Shutting Down On Low Pressure

In this video we look at one reason that is not covered in the RO troubleshooting guide regarding low pressure. Many RO Systems are equipped with a low pressure cut out switch. This switch shuts the RO down in the event that pressure falls to low or no pressure at all. This keeps the pump […]

RO Low Concentrate (waste) Flow – RO Service

In this RO Troubleshooting Video, we discuss why you might have low concentrate (waste) flow. A few things that are not discussed in this video that can assist you in your troubleshooting are looking at the flow meter to make sure there is nothing obstructing it or that it is not damaged. Also, replace your […]

Why Do I Have High Conductivity In RO Permeate Water?

  In this RO Troubleshooting video, we investigate some reasons why you may be experiencing high conductivity in your RO Permeate water. High conductivity in RO permeate is not really a desired product, most RO membranes should remove between 97% to 99.5% Total Dissolved Solids (Conductivity). These conductive solids are rejected and disposed of by […]

Why is My RO System Not Turning On or Off? – RO Troubleshooting

In our RO Troubleshooting Videos, we discuss Why is my RO System not turning on or off? We explore a few different reasons why a RO System might not be turning on or off. No Power To RO Machine Storage Tank / Level Sensor Motor Starter Motor Overload Switch There can be a number of […]

Reverse Osmosis (RO) Troubleshooting – Pressure Drop Across RO System

Troubleshooting RO Systems can be tough at times. Trying to identify why a system is having problems can be time-consuming and sometimes frustrating. Complete Water Solutions offers both a Reverse Osmosis Troubleshooting guide and RO Troubleshooting videos to help in identifying what might be causing the issue your having. In this video, we discuss excessive […]

RO System Is Off But Still Running To Drain – RO Troubleshooting

  In this Reverse Osmosis (RO) Troubleshooting video we investigate why the RO System is off but still flowing water. Here we discuss a few areas to look at. Including the in Aquamatic Valves K524, along with the potential solenoid valve that is controlling it. We cover how to investigate the valve to see if […]

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