Industrial Reverse Osmosis (RO) System Upgrades

Wondering if you need to upgrade your RO System?

Complete Water Solutions can help when you’re thinking about Industrial Reverse Osmosis (RO) system upgrades. Our water experts have experience and knowledge of every water system product, offering the best recommendations which are most suitable for your needs. If you’re wondering if you need an Industrial RO System upgrade, we can help you make the best determination. RO System Upgrades can be as simple as a single controller upgrade to producing more RO water or membrane upgrades to allow for better water flow. We could also help you determine if it’s necessary to get a complete RO system replacement. We make sure your new water purification system upgrades are absolutely needed and will save you money, energy, or water in the long run. 


Membrane Upgrades

One of the most simple ways of upgrading your system is to change out your filter membranes. Worn membranes can decrease water flow and reduce the effectiveness of your entire system. Complete Water offers convenient membrane cleaning for an easy solution.

When should you consider upgrading or cleaning your membranes?

  1. Reverse Osmosis membranes should be cleaned when normalized flow decreases by 10% from the initial acceptance test conditions.
  2. Reverse Osmosis membranes should be cleaned when the overall pressure drop increases by 15% over the initial acceptance test conditions.

If you are looking to increase the GPD of your system, higher flow membranes are also available. With the proper fittings, you can increase your output without costly full system rebuilds.

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At Complete Water Solutions, our technicians have more than 400 hours working with reverse osmosis systems. They can identify contaminants causing membrane inefficiencies and work to treat them safely and effectively. We offer both on-site and off-site cleaning procedures for your convenience.


Controller Upgrades Reverse Osmosis (RO) System Upgrades, industrial ro system upgrades

Another simple way to upgrade your industrial RO system would be to upgrade controllers. Outdated control systems are commonplace in many RO systems. An aging controller is prone to errors and can malfunction at inconvenient times. There are several drop-in replacement systems on the market that make it easy to upgrade without costly downtime. 

Upgrading to a PLC system gives you even more flexibility and can greatly increase your productivity. They also make it simple to build a network to monitor and track your system. 

A PLC control system simplifies many functions of your system with clear visual displays and touch screen controls.

The experts at Complete Water Solutions can help upgrade your system in a short amount of time, including changing over the controller and programming. We can also provide the replacement parts you need, leaving you with time to focus on other things. You won’t be out of a system for long when CWS is helping.


Why upgrade your Industrial RO System?

ro system upgrades, ro system replacementIf you are not sure if you should replace your water system or upgrade it, Complete Water Solutions technicians can inspect your system to determine its needs. We are familiar with systems of all makes and brands, making it easy to identify potential problem areas. When reviewing your RO system for potential upgrades, we have to look at a few things. 

  • Water Quality – while the existing system may be meeting the needs of water quality upgrading your system may not meet those water quality requirements. So performing an incoming water analysis to determine if the system upgrade will still me the requirements.
  • Flow Rate – this is one of the most common reasons for upgrading a system is to produce more flow or produce more water. A few things to consider when upgrading your system for flow. Are all water treatment equipment in the water treatment system able to handle the increased flow? Upgrading a RO System for example may need a larger softener or carbon filter in order to handle the increased water flow. Plumbing (water supply) and Pressure are other areas that can affect the flow and may need to be reviewed or upgraded to handle the new water demand.
  • Utilities – Water, Air, Electrical Systems, and Steam are all part of the utility category. Utilities may change when upgrading a water treatment system. Reverse Osmosis upgrades may require upgrading the pump. This upgrade of the pump may require more FLA (Full Load Amps) which may result in larger gauge electrical wiring and a higher AMP breaker. If your pump is controlled by a motor starter with overload you may need to increase the overload portion of the motor starter.
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There are just a few of the things you can look at when you’re considering an upgrade to your industrial RO system. In some cases, there may not need to be any upgrades made. You can trust Complete Water Solutions to be honest with you.


Industrial RO System Replacement

In some cases, RO system upgrades may not do the trick and a replacement may be more beneficial than upgrading. The experts at Complete Water Solutions can provide a systematic analysis of the best route to upgrade your industrial RO system. 

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