40 GPM Reverse Osmosis System Design

Current System Layout: The customer current system layout was a duplex softener followed by a Portable DI Exchange Tank. With the current demand for purified water this design was not the best nor most cost-effective option. The increased demand would result in additional salt usage along with significant DI Exchange tank costs. Design: What Will [...]

What are Greensand Filters and How Do They Work?

What Are Greensand Filters? Greensand filters are often used in an array of commercial and industrial water treatment applications to remove iron, manganese, hydrogen sulfide, arsenic, and radium. How do Greensand Filters Work To Remove Iron? Greensand filters work primarily two different ways to filter and remove iron: Intermittent Regeneration (IR): In this process, the [...]

80 Gallons Per Minute Reverse Osmosis Polishing Softener

Bruner Boiler Softener Replacement Complete Water Solutions replaced a 25 Year Old Bruner Water Softener equipped with D180 2″ Softener Valve and IQS3 Digital Controller. The old softener system was used to make up boiler feed water for a Water Tube boiler. The new softener system is being used post Reverse Osmosis to remove the […]

2020-2021 Scholarship Recipient

Complete Water Solutions 2020-2021 Scholarship Recipient Complete Water Solutions is pleased to announce the recipient of our 2020-2021 scholarship. This scholarship fund was established to recognize and assist students who are looking to further their education in the trades, water technology or sciences. Nicole will be attending University Of Texas At El Paso in August […]

Keith Completes RO Specialist I Course & Received Certificate

We are excited to announce that Keith H. completed David H Paul’s RO Specialist I Course and received his certificate. Keith started with Complete Water Solutions 3 Years ago and has demonstrated his passion for Industrial Reverse Osmosis Service. Help us in celebrating Keith’s success. One of Complete Water Solutions’ core values is to Pursue […]

Complete Water Solutions Welcomes Tina To The Team!

Complete Water Solutions Welcomes Tina To Our Office Team Complete Water Solutions is excited to announce Tina has joined our Office Team. Prior to Complete Water Solutions, Tina was with another local area service company.  Tina has already been instrumental in getting our new service software going and helping with customer service!   We are all […]

Reverse Osmosis (RO) Troubleshooting – Low Inlet Flow & Feed Pressure

  Complete Water Solutions this week reviewed Low Inlet Pressure Or Low Feed Pressure in our Reverse Osmosis Troubleshooting Series. There can be a few reasons why you are experiencing low inlet feed pressure. We look at a few things to check in our video including pressure switches, pre-filters, and inlet valves. Following along with […]

RO Troubleshooting Low Flow – Low RO Water Production Cleaning RO Membranes

  In our RO Troubleshooting Series, we discussed that one of the causes may be dirty, scaled, or fouled membranes. Membranes do need to be routinely cleaned from time to time. Most of  the major membrane manufacturers agree on the following statements: 1.) Reverse Osmosis membranes should be cleaned when normalized flow decreases by 10% […]

Industrial Water Softener w/PLC & Hardness Analyzers Complete Water Solutions recently replaced a softener system that was time to replace. The original softeners had been in the facility for over 20 years and were experiencing numerous problems including increased service calls. We also found that the resin was beginning to capacity which was causing the softener to either leak hard water [...]

Industrial Progressive Flow Water Softener

Our customer was experiencing issues with the existing triplex softener system. It was smaller in size and was not very reliable when it came to providing soft water. At times the old softener system would experience issues with the ability to provide water thus starving the plant.

Reverse Osmosis Troubleshooting Video Series

Troubleshoot Your RO System Complete Water Solutions begins our series on Reverse Osmosis Troubleshooting. We will be providing a series of videos to explore different problems, root causes, and how to fix them. This video is geared towards commercial and industrial Reverse Osmosis Equipment. However, this series can be applied to many different sizes and […]

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