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Complete Water Solutions Surplus Sale Filters And Membranes are new many in the original packaging. Equipment is used and offered as is.

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Reverse Osmosis System

Manufacture – Osmonics

Model – 54A-HR (PA) 169-DLX

Manufacture Year 1999

Permeate Flow 159 GPM

Concentrate Flow 45 GPM

RO Pump SS24016KZE  w/ 75 HP Motor

CIP Pump SS24002D w/ 15 HP Motor

PLC Operation w/ VFD Main Pump Operation

Stainless Steel Frame, Piping And Housings

Osmonics 54A-HR PA 169

54HR PA, surplus sale

Equipment – Plastic Filter Cartridge Housings

PVC Filter Housings

9 Round Filter Housing

Accepts 40” Filter

2” Inlet & Outlet

Qty (6) Available

Equipment – Stainless Steel Bag Filter Housings

Manufacture – Rosedale

Bag Filter Housings

Stainless Steel

2” Inlet / Outlet

Accepts #2 Bag Filter

Qty (8)  Available

Equipment – 2500 Gallon Storage Tanks

Poly Storage Tanks with Stands

Qty (2) Available


Equipment – 7500 Gallon Storage Tank

Poly Storage Tanks With Stands

Qty (2) Available

Koch Membranes (New)

NF Filter Element


400 Sq Ft

34 Mil Spacer

Part Number 8882245A

Qty (36) Available

Cartridge Filters (New)


5 Micron 40” Long Melt Blown Filter

Part Number 1193103

Qty (40) Available


Cartridge Filters (New)


10 Micron 40” Long Melt Blown Filter

Part Number 1193032

Qty (60) Available


Cartridge Filters (New)


Meltblown 0.5 Micron 20” Long Filters

Qty (150) Available

Cartridge Filters (New)


Meltblown 1 Micron 40” Long Filters

Qty (60) Available

Cartridge Filters (New)


1 Micron 20” Long Melt Blown Filter

Part Number 1193125

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Qty (60) Available


String Filters (New)

4.5” x 20” 5 Micron

Qty (180)

Cartridge Filters (New)

Graver Technologies

Part FSC4107500

0.5 Micron 40” Length

Qty (120) available


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