Bruner Media Filter Rebuild D180-3

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Bruner D180 Valve with 952 Stager Assembly

Complete Water Solutions was recently called to repair / rebuild a Multi Media Filter (Southern Illinois) that was equipped with a Bruner D180 3″ Valve Assembly and 952 Stager Assembly. The bypass valve was leaking by unfiltered water and causing other equipment that relies on the filtered water down stream to foul with particulates.

Bruner Media Filter Repair & Replacement

The rebuild includes replacing all the internal diaphragm valves, guide cages, and spring assemblies. Also installed was a solenoid valve to control the bypass piston. Originally the unit was equipped with a humphrey valve.

bruner d180, complete water solutions, reverse osmosis maintenanceIn order to use a solenoid to control the bypass valve a relay needed to be installed first. The relay is a 10VDC Relay, that is controlled by the 962 Controller, from there the solenoid is energized. After the installation of the new solenoid was complete. Complete Water Solutions started the system up and checked the operation. We also checked the water after the filter to verify operations.

bruner d180, complete water solutions, reverse osmosis media filter rebuild

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