Industrial Progressive Flow Water Softener

Our customer was experiencing issues with the existing triplex softener system. It was smaller in size and was not very reliable when it came to providing soft water. At times the old softener system would experience issues with the ability to provide water thus starving the plant. The customer was looking for a solution to increase capacity, provide reliability, and not starve the plant.

Industrial Progressive Flow Water Softener, complete water solutions, industrial water softener
Industrial Progressive Flow Water Softener, complete water solutions
Industrial Progressive Flow Water Softener, complete water solutions

Water System Diagnostics

Complete Water Solutions first started by looking at the water quality and the amount of water used during the course of the year. From these two items, we were able to determine the maximum water usage during a given period, and with the amount of hardness in the water, we could back-calculate sizing. At Complete Water Solutions, we try to size systems that will not regenerate more than 1x in a 24 hour period. This limits the wear and tear on the system.

This system was designed and built with the following:

  • Qty (4) 63″ Diameter x 86″ Height Fiberglass Tanks
  • 50 Cubic Feet Of 8% Crosslink NSF Approved Resin
  • 520 Series Aq-Matic Valves (Aquamatic)
  • Inlet / Outlet Pressure Gauges And Sample Ports
  • GF Signet Flow Meters
  • 48-ES Stager Controllers w/ NXT Programmer
  • 60″ Diameter x 64″ Height Brine Maker
  • 3″ Inlet & Outlet Each Softener
  • 235 GPM Continuous Flow Per Vessel (940 GPM All Units Online)
  • 325 GPM Peak Flow Per Vessel (1,300 GPM Peak All Units Online)

Each tank was piped into a 6″ Header pipe to help reduce any restriction when demand peaked. The softener system was programmed using progressive flow which allowed another softener tank to come online when demand increased over 235 GPM thus limiting pressure drops.

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