E8-144K-DLX 100 GPM Reverse Osmosis System

100 GPM Reverse Osmosis System

Complete Water Solutions designed and provided a 100 GPM Reverse Osmosis System (Located Outside Of Charlotte N.C.). The system was sized based on the customer using an average of 60-80 GPM Average. This will reduce the duty cycle of the RO System. The RO Water is used for boiler feedwater, production, and sanitization. The RO water system was designed with the following equipment:

Carbon Filter

The carbon filter is put in place to remove chlorine before the RO System. 100 GPM Reverse Osmosis System, E8-144K-DLX, RO system from Complete Water Solutions

  • C36-D Duplex Carbon Filter Carbon Filter Data Sheet
    • Magnum Valve IT Filter Valve
    • 764 Logix Controller
    • Internal Meter
    • Transformer
    • 20 Cubic Feet Per Each Tank


The antiscalant is used to control water hardness minerals from precipitating out in the RO System causing scale build-up on the RO Membranes. The Avista Vitec 5100 is an NSF Approved Product and was tested and verified to be a good choice with the incoming water feed.  (Click Here To Learn More)

  • Vitec 5100 w/Grundfos Pump
    • Vitec 5100 Antiscalant
    • Grundfos Chemical Pump DDA 7.5-16

RO System

The RO System selected for this job was the Osmonics E8-144K-DLX RO System complete with membranes that will allow the machine to produce 100 GPM @ 55 Degree F. The RO System is in place to reduce TDS. The reduction in TDS helps with boiler feed, sanitization, and production. The RO System came complete with the following:100 GPM Reverse Osmosis System, RO systems, 764 Softener Digital Controller

  • E8-144K-DLX E8 RO Sales Sheet
    • Pressure Gauges
    • High-Pressure Pump
    • CIP System – Pump & CIP Tank
    • Burkert 8620 Controller
    • AK8040F-400 RO Membranes
    • RO PX05-40XK RO Pre Filters
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Polishing Softener

The polishing softener was provided to remove any remaining hardness post-RO before the boiler feed water tank. The softeners are a duplex twin alternating unit. The units came complete with the following:

  • S30-A Twin Alternating Softener Softener System Data Sheet100 GPM Reverse Osmosis System, RO system, fixing RO system
    • 15 Cubic Feet Per Tank Cation Sodium Softener Resin
    • Magnum Controller
    • 764 Softener Digital Controller
    • Brine Tank Assembly
    • Air Check Assembly

Supplied was a 3,600 Gallon Storage Tank with duplex RO Water distribution pumps. The storage tank was equipped with with a IFM Efector 4-20mA digital level controller which ties directly back into the RO System. The distributions pumps are stainless steel in construction. The pumps also came equipped with VFD to hold and maintain pressure.

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