Osmonics E8-57K-DLX Reverse Osmosis System

osmonics e8 ro system, E8-57K-DLX Reverse Osmosis System, complete water solutions

Osmonics RO System E8

Complete Water Solutions provided a turnkey installation of a Reverse Osmosis System. The RO System was used for sanitization make up, cooling tower make up and production needs. We started by removing the existing ro system and relocating it to the boiler room. The boiler was using water softener and dealkalizer for feed water make up. The reverse osmosis system will provide some additional benefits for feed water make up.

E8-57K-DLX Reverse Osmosis System, culligan ro, complete water solutions

Once relocated to the boiler room, we installed both the RO System, provided a new carbon filter for the RO System, storage tank, and feed water pump to provide make up water to the Boiler Feed Water Tank

Boilers benefit from RO Water due to the lower TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) which decreases blow downs and chemical requirements along with increasing energy efficiency.

complete water solutions, E8-57K-DLX Reverse Osmosis System, culligan ro

Distribution Pump & Storage Tank For Boiler Make Up Water

How Does Clean Water Increase Boiler Efficiency

After installing the RO System in the boiler room Complete Water Solutions proceeded to work on the new Osmonics E8 57K Deluxe RO System with CIP System. The following equipment was installed:

  • Carbon Filter Fleck 3150
    • Time Clock Back Wash
    • No Hard Water By Pass Piston
    • Virgin Carbon Media
  • Anti-Sclanat
    • NSF 60 Approved Antiscalant
    • Grundfos Chemical Dosing Pump
  • E8-57K-DLX Reverse Omsosis System
    • PX05-40 Pre Filters
    • AK8040 RO Membranes
    • Machine Design 55 Degree F
  • Goulds Distribution Pump w/ Flow Meter


First we started by setting the new carbon filter tanks in place. After putting the tanks in place we installed the internal distributors, gravel and carbon media. Next we installed the valve heads and piping connections.

complete water solutions, E8-57K-DLX Reverse Osmosis System, reverse osmosis service

Carbon Filter Tanks Set In Place

E8-57K-DLX Reverse Osmosis System, complete water solutions, reverse osmosis treatment

piping in carbon filter


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Once the carbon filter was piped in and controllers were programmed we began by soaking the carbon media overnight while we continued the installation of the RO System.

We first began by moving the Osmonics E8-57-DLX Reverse Osmosis system into the room and setting in place.

E8-57K-DLX Reverse Osmosis System, complete water solutions, turnkey ro installation

Moving E8-57K-DLX RO System In Place

turnkey reverse osmosis installation, E8-57K-DLX Reverse Osmosis System, complete water solutions

Mission Accomplished RO System In Place







Next, we piped in the RO connections which consist of Inlet, Permeate & Concentrate Lines. During this time we also began wiring the unit. Wiring for a Osmonics E8 Series RO System may consist of the following electrical and communication signals:

  • Main Pump Electrical (3 Phase)
  • CIP Pump Electrical (3 Phase)
  • Controller Electrical (1 Phase)
  • Lock Out Switch
  • Antiscalant Pump Electrical (1 Phase)
  • Antiscalant Controller Wiring
  • RO On Off Switch
complete water solutions, E8-57K-DLX Reverse Osmosis System, turnkey ro installation

Electrical & Controller Wiring

RO Systems require soft water or antiscalant as pre treatment in most cases. With the amount of water being used antiscalant was selected as the pretreatment for this RO System. The product used was Vitec 5100 a NSF approved antiscalant safe for RO Systems that may have water used in production. What Else Do I Need With My RO System?



The Osmonics RO System installed here included the following:

  • Automatic Inlet Valve
  • Pre Filters
  • Inlet pH Probe (Sensor)
  • Inlet Low Pressure Cut Off Switch
  • Tonkaflo Pump Feed Pump
  • Discharge Throttle Valve
  • Antiscalant Injection Port
  • CIP Pump & Motor Starter
  • CIP Piping & Hose Connections
  • Flow Meters Both Permeate & Concentrate
  • Concentrate Throttle Valve
  • Digital Controller with Data Logging
  • Permeate Conductivity Sensor
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This RO System Was Installed In Central Minnesota

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