Osmonics E4-13200 Reverse Osmosis Boiler Feed Water

Complete Water Solutions supplied a 13200 Gallons Per Day. Complete with pre-treatment equipment and ancillary equipment. The RO System is rated @ 55 Degree F (12 Degree C) Water for 540 Gallons Per Hour. Equipment: Twin Softener System Model Number: K90-960 (Alternating) The softener system is put in place to exchange calcium and magnesium (Also […]

Osmonics E8-57K-DLX Reverse Osmosis System

  Complete Water Solutions provided a turnkey installation of a Reverse Osmosis System. The RO System was used for sanitization make up, cooling tower make up and production needs. We started by removing the existing culligan ro system and relocating it to the boiler room. The boiler was using water softener and dealkalizer for feed […]

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