Osmonics E4-13200 Reverse Osmosis Boiler Feed Water

Complete Water Solutions supplied a 13200 Gallons Per Day. Complete with pre-treatment equipment and ancillary equipment. The RO System is rated @ 55 Degree F (12 Degree C) Water for 540 Gallons Per Hour.

Equipment: Twin Softener System

Model Number: K90-960 (Alternating)

The softener system is put in place to exchange calcium and magnesium (Also known as water hardness) for sodium ions. Calcium and magnesium will stick to the surface of the RO membrane due to the ionic bond. The softener system will help maintain water quality of the RO system and help prevent damage caused by scale. The softener system is a duplex (2 tank) unit which allows for one softener tank to be online while the other is in regeneration or standby mode. The system comes complete with the following:

  • 1” Inlet / Outlet Connections
  • Fleck 9000
  • Qty (2) 14” Diameter x 65” Tall Fiberglass Media Tanks
  • Overall Height 73”
  • Qty (1) 18″diameter x 41” Tall Brine Tank
  • 17 GPM Service Flow
  • 22 GPM Max Flow
  • 3 Cubic Feet Resin Per Tank
  • 120v Standard Wall Outlet 5 AMPS
  • Room Required 54”L x 18”w x 73”H
  • Estimated Weight 625 LBS

Equipment: Carbon Filter System

Model Number: CF-2850-4

The carbon filter is used to remove chlorine before the RO System. Chlorine will cause irreversible damage to the Reverse Osmosis Membranes. The carbon filter comes complete with the following:

  • 1.5” In / Outlet Connections
  • Fleck 2850 Control Valve
  • Qty (1) 16” x 65” Tall Fiberglass Media Tanks
  • Overall Height 73”
  • 8 GPM Service Flow
  • 16 GPM Max Flow
  • 4 Cubic Feet Carbon Media
  • 120v Standard Wall Outlet 5 AMPS
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Equipment: Reverse Osmosis

Model Number: E4-13200-DLX

The reverse osmosis system is used to reduce TDS (Total Dissolved Solids). The RO System will produce 9 GPM @ 55 Degree F Water. The RO System has been equipped with cold water membranes for performance in colder water. This will eliminate the need to pre heat the water. The RO System will come complete with the following:

  • 1 Micron Pre Filter
  • Automatic Inlet Shut Off Valve
  • Flow Meters
    • Permeate
    • Concentrate
  • Thermal Motor Protection
  • Pressure Gauges
    • Pre Filter
    • Post Pre Filter
    • Primary
    • Final
  • Auto Flush System
  • Low Inlet Pressure Switch
  • Digital Conductivity Meter
  • Qty (6) AK-90-LE Cold Water Membrane 2600 GPD Per Membrane
  • Piping Connections
    • .75 Inlet
    • .75 Permeate
    • .75 Concentrate
  • Height 60” Inches
  • Width 30”
  • Depth 26”
  • 120v Standard Outlet 5 Amps
  • 480v 3 Phase 20 AMPS

Equipment: Distribution Pump

Model Number: ACDU/70

The distribution pump will take water from the RO Storage Tank and distribute it to where it is needed.

  • 23” Length
  • 13” Height
  • 10” Width
  • 20 GPM @ 40 PSI
  • 460v 3Phase 5 AMPS
  • Motor Starter Weg 480v Starter (On Off)

Equipment: Level Control

Model Number: Float Switch

The float level control will control RO On/Off and the low water cut off to cut distribution pumps

  • Qty (2) Float Switches

This system was installed in Central Wisconsin

Drawings For E4-13200-DLX Reverse Osmosis System

E4 Reverse Osmosis Spec Sheet

Reverse Osmosis Membranes Cold Water AK Series – Low Energy RO Membranes – Spec Sheet

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