80 Gallons Per Minute Reverse Osmosis Polishing Softener

Bruner Boiler Softener Replacement

Complete Water Solutions replaced a 25 Year Old Bruner Water Softener equipped with D180 2″ Softener Valve and IQS3 Digital Controller. The old softener system was used to make up boiler feed water for a Water Tube boiler. The new softener system is being used post Reverse Osmosis to remove the remaining hardness before the boiler feed water tank. In most applications Reverse Osmosis system will not remove all the hardness (calcium / magnesium), a softener system is one option that can be used to exchange the hardness.

The softener system was designed and equipped with the following:

Qty (2) 30” x 72” Fiberglass Media Vessels
Qty (15) Cubic Feet Of 8 % Cross Link Softener Resin Per Media Vessel
Qty (1) 30” x 48” Brine Tank Assembly
Qty (2) Fleck 2900 2” Softener Control Valves
Qty (2) Fleck NXT2 Electronic Controller

2″ Inlet & Outlet Connections
1″ Drain Line Connection
3/8″ Brine Connection

Flow Rates
85 GPM Service Flow Rate
105 GPM Service Peak Flow Rate
25 GPM Backwash Flow Rate

2,690 Lbs Estimated Weight

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