Case Studies

Emergency Carbon Filter Replacement @ Tractor Manufacturer

  Emergency Tank Replacement Like most emergencies, they happen when you least want them too. They also seem to have a knack of happening on a Friday @ 3PM, and this case was no different. Complete Water Solutions was contacted by a tractor manufacture who wanted to know if we work on competitors’ equipment. In […]

Resin Replacement For DI System & Softener

Complete Water Solutions recently performed a resin replacement service for both a DI Water System & Softener System. Over 400 Cubic Feet Were Replaced.         The work performed included Lock Out & Tag Out Of Water System Confined Space Safety Review Air Monitoring Removal & Disposal Of Resin Off Site Inspection Of […]

Dealkalizer Replacement

    Complete Water Solutions was awarded a project to replace a dealkalizer unit. The old dealkalizer system was starting to leak and the resin was no longer working effectively. Complete Water Solutions supplied a smaller more efficient dealkalizer system to replace the larger dealkalizer. The original unit was installed when the boiler system was […]

Waste Water Treatment Plant – Softener Replacement

Complete Water Solutions recently replaced a softener system at a Waste Water Treatment Plant located in Wisconsin. The facility was experiencing hard water and iron staining. Complete Water Solutions performed a free P.M. Service and discovered that the softener was channeling. What is Softener Channeling? Channeling occurs typically due to low flows – sometimes formations […]

Linen Facility Softener System Upgrade

Linen Laundry Facility Softener Replacement             Complete Water Solutions was awarded a contract to replace the aging Magnum Triplex Softener system at an industrial linen facility. The facility uses soft water in its wash process & for boiler feedwater makeup. Using soft water reduces detergent usage as well as reduces […]

Library Of Congress Awards Complete Water Solutions

  Library Of Congress RO Upgrade Recently Complete Water Solutions was awarded a project to upgrade an Osmonics E8-57K-DLX Reverse Osmosis System for the Library Of Congress. The RO System had a few obsolete items on it such as the Lakewood 2450 Controller and the Allen Bradley Micrologix 1000. The RO System unfortunately went down […]

Radium Removal From Public Water System

Radium Removal System Replacement for Public Water Utility Complete Water Solutions was contracted to replace an aging water system used to remove Radium Ra226 from a public water supply. The existing system was due for an upgrade, this was done to help ensure the safety of the public and also to have monitoring capabilities while […]

Membranes Needed In Jamaica – AG8040 RO Membranes

RO Membranes to Jamaica Complete Water Solutions was asked to provide Osmonics / Suez AG8040F Reverse Osmosis Membranes to Spanish Town Jamaica. No matter where you are located Complete Water Solutions Can Help – Contact Complete Water Solutions today for your membrane needs. Contact Complete Water Solutions Today – Toll Free (855) 787-4200  or email […]

Paint Line Washer Water System

Complete Water Solutions recently designed and installed a water system for a paint line pre-wash system. The system uses Reverse Osmosis water to help remove constituents that would otherwise impede the paint process. The following equipment was provided: Twin S-14A Twin Alternating Water Softener System (Hardness Removal)  Duplex Softener System 1 Tank Online 2nd Tank […]

Cooling Tower Cleaning By Complete Water Solutions

Complete Water Solutions was called out to clean 4 cooling towers. As you can see they were full of bio and scale. Cooling Tower Cleaning Experts We were able to clean the tower and get the customer back up and running. Learn more about our services Nathan Olszak27 Year Of Water Treatment Equipment Experience. […]

Evapco Cooling Tower Cleaning

Recently a customer contacted Complete Water Solutions asking us to clean and disinfect their (2) Evapco Cooling Towers. Complete Water Solutions arrived onsite did a safety inspection. Before work could begin Complete Water Solutions did a Legionella Test To make sure the tower was clear. Complete Water Solutions cleaned the towers and disinfect the two […]

Fiberglass Replacement Tank #2

Recently, on a past post, Complete Water Solutions was called out to replace a fiberglass tank. There were two tanks that were leaking due to excessive pressure swings that was causing the tank to expand and contract a lot. The customer had called another vendor out which told the customer that both tanks were not […]

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