Linen Facility Softener System Upgrade

Linen Laundry Facility Softener Replacement

Fleck 2900 Triplex 3200NXT, industrial softener replacement, complete water solutions

Fleck 2900 Triplex 3200NXT After







Complete Water Solutions was awarded a contract to replace the aging Magnum Triplex Softener system at an industrial linen facility. The facility uses soft water in its wash process & for boiler feedwater makeup. Using soft water reduces detergent usage as well as reduces energy consumption in the boiler. The old Mangum Softener System was past its useful life and the expense of repairing the softener was almost the same cost as a new one. The linen facility was expanding operations thus using more water and taxing the existing system.

Complete Water Solutions did an analysis and found that the Magnum softener system was not removing much hardness if any at all and suggested replacement. After reviewing water usage data and the projected usage data Complete Water Solutions selected to go with a Fleck 2900 NXT Triplex Softener System. The original magnum softener was a 10 cubic foot softener system, the new softener held 20 cubic feet of resin per tank. Doubling the capacity. This replacement took 2 days

  • Fleck 2900 Valve (No Hard Water Bypass)
  • 3200NXT Digital Controllers
  • Clack 2″ Stainless Steel Meters
  • 36″ x 72″ Fiberglass Resin Tanks (Structural)
  • 2″ Hub & Lateral
  • 39″ x 60″ Brine Tank w/ safety over flow valves
  • 1″ Drain Line

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