Radium Removal From Public Water System

Radium Removal System Replacement for Public Water Utility

Complete Water Solutions was contracted to replace an aging water system used to remove Radium Ra226 from a public water supply. The existing system was due for an upgrade, this was done to help ensure the safety of the public and also to have monitoring capabilities while no one is there. Not all water systems have 24/7 operators many small municipalities have operators during the day time and on call at night should something go wrong. This new water system gave the municipality the ability to remotely control the system, troubleshoot and even get alarms in off hours ensuring that the public has safe drinking water. Complete Water Solutions began by filling the water tower to the max, then began the demo. Old water conditioning equipment specially used in these applications need to be disposed of properly and in accordance with the EPA And/Or DNR. Complete Water Solutions worked with the customer to obtain proper disposal of the resin and old equipment.

Once the equipment was removed Complete Water Solutions set the new equipment in place and began piping. Complete Water Solutions selected a triplex softener to have the ability to service one softener, keeping one line and having one in standby thus increasing the ability to remain online. We also selected Aquamatic Valves for the operations versus the old Fleck 2900. While the fleck 2900 worked well in the past the customer wanted an easier valve to replace when repairs are needed. Keeping the majority of the repairs in house.

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For the controller (electronics) Complete Water Solutions selected an Allen Bradley Micrologix 1400 PLC with Siemens HMI. The Allen Bradley unit was retrofitted with the ability to monitor the system remotely and make changes and adjustments as needed.

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