Case Studies

Complete Water: Cooling Tower Cleaning

According to The United States Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA) Technical Manual, all cooling towers should be thoroughly disinfected at a minimum of twice per year. “Cooling towers should be cleaned and disinfected at least twice a year. Normally this maintenance will be performed before initial start-up at the beginning of the cooling season […]

Industrial Reverse Osmosis Service

  Complete Water Solutions was contacted by a State University to help with its Reverse Osmosis system for the Co-Generation Facility. The Complete Water Solutions service program was able to identify that the Reverse Osmosis System needed a cleaning. After reviewing the past service paperwork we were able to identify that replacing the membranes would […]

Reverse Osmosis Membrane Failure – No Flow – High Conductivity

Complete Water Solutions was recently contacted due to a Reverse Osmosis System that was producing high conductivity water with no flow going out in the waste line. The customer did check the concentrate valve and it was wide open. Complete Water Solutions immediately went into action and brought new membranes onsite. Before replacing the membranes, […]

Multi-Media Filter Failure – Emergency Repair

Complete Water Solutions was recently contacted by a power sports vehicle manufacture they were experiencing sand and media in their test bay water system. The existing multi-media filtration system is used in a closed-loop system to filter particulate out of the water. The water is used in a testing system. Media Filtration Equipment, Repairs, Parts […]

Commercial & Industrial Iron & Hydrogen Sulfide (Rotten Egg Smell) Removal

Complete Water Solutions was contacted recently to assist with iron reduction and hydrogen sulfide (rotten egg smell) reduction in the production water supply. When dealing with Hydrogen Sulfide gas there are many things to look at. Hydrogen sulfide gas can result from a number of different reasons in a commercial or industrial setting. It can […]

Pentair / Structural Tank Warranty – Always Check The Serial Number

Recently, Complete Water did a sales call at an aerosol facility.  The system they purchased was only about 5 years old. They did not purchase it from Complete Water Solutions and all 3 fiberglass tanks were ruptured spraying water. While not really noticeable in this picture, the customer did have flex hoses on the system. […]

Softener Tank Replacement – Is Your Softener Tank Under Warranty?

Complete Water Solutions was contracted to replace a softener vessel that was leaking. The old softener vessel was removed and disposed of. Complete Water Solutions supplied a new fiberglass softener vessel 36″ Diameter x 72″ Tall made for a Fleck 3900 Softener Valve. The new tank was manufactured by Pentair and comes with a 5-year […]

Fleck 3900 Softener Repair – Emergency Softener Repair

Complete Water Solutions was called out for emergency repair due to one softener was hard and the brine tank was overflowing. Upon further inspection, Complete Water Solutions found that the Fleck 3900 Part # 60036 was stuck in the open position. When we removed the old piston we found that there was a chunk of […]

Industrial Iron Filter Turnkey Solution

Complete Water Solutions was contracted to provide a turnkey Iron Filter Replacement. The existing iron filter was leaking media into the food production facility causing issues with the product and other various equipment throughout. The existing iron filter was loaded with Greensand Media, Aquamatic Blocking Valves along with Time Clock Stager Operation. Iron Filter Turnkey […]

Membrane Reload 8″ Reverse Osmosis

Complete Water Solutions can service all major manufacturers of Reverse Osmosis Systems. This Nalco / Crossbow Reverse Osmosis system was producing water that was not meeting the quality set forth for system design. After attempting to clean the RO System it was found that the system was not recovering. Turnkey RO Membrane Replacement Complete Water […]

Paint Line Pretreatment Washer – Reverse Osmosis System

The pretreatment washer is considered the most important part of the coating process in order to achieve a desirable and long-lasting finish. At Complete Water Solutions our sole focus is on providing clean Reverse Osmosis / Low Conductivity Water for this process. The cleaner the water in the pretreatment washer operation, the better for the […]

Plastic Molding Equipment: Water Scale

Complete Water Solutions was called out to a plastic mold facility after a new extrude machine scaled up due to hard water. The scale caused thousands of dollars of downtime. Complete Water Solutions did a full audit of the facility and found that hard water and the lack of adequate chemical treatment was causing the […]

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