Pentair / Structural Tank Warranty – Always Check The Serial Number

Recently, Complete Water did a sales call at an aerosol facility.  The system they purchased was only about 5 years old. They did not purchase it from Complete Water Solutions and all 3 fiberglass tanks were ruptured spraying water. While not really noticeable in this picture, the customer did have flex hoses on the system.

The customer had recently had another company out to replace one of the 3 softener tanks. They were charged for a new tank and were told that the other tanks were not under warranty and that they would be charged for those as well. The customer felt the system was not right for their application and just was not happy with the overall situation.

Structural Tank Warranty – Always Check The Serial Number

We started by logging the remaining 2 softener vessel serial numbers. We went back to Pentair to see if any of the tanks were under warranty period. Pentair warranties the larger tanks around 5 years. Pentair is a great company to work with getting things warrantied – They make it simple and easy!

We found that one tank was past the warranty date by 5 days and the other tank was still covered by warranty by 2 days. We worked extremely fast to secure one tank under warranty. The customer was amazed by the ability to get one of the tanks under warranty and not have to pay for a new tank. The customer wanted to use the old resin, distributors and gravel, to which we replied “not a problem”

Complete Water Solutions was able to replace the tank in one day. While onsite performing the work our expert techs found a few ways to improve the system helping prolong the tanks, valves and piping for future years to come.

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