Pentair / Structural Tank Warranty – Always Check The Serial Number

Recently, Complete Water did a sales call at an aerosol facility.  The system they purchased was only about 5 years old. They did not purchase it from Complete Water Solutions and all 3 fiberglass tanks were ruptured spraying water. While not really noticeable in this picture, the customer did have flex hoses on the system. […]

Softener Tank Replacement – Is Your Softener Tank Under Warranty?

Complete Water Solutions was contracted to replace a softener vessel that was leaking. The old softener vessel was removed and disposed of. Complete Water Solutions supplied a new fiberglass softener vessel 36″ Diameter x 72″ Tall made for a Fleck 3900 Softener Valve. The new tank was manufactured by Pentair and comes with a 5-year […]

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