Softener Tank Replacement – Is Your Softener Tank Under Warranty?

Complete Water Solutions was contracted to replace a softener vessel that was leaking. The old softener vessel was removed and disposed of. Complete Water Solutions supplied a new fiberglass softener vessel 36″ Diameter x 72″ Tall made for a Fleck 3900 Softener Valve. The new tank was manufactured by Pentair and comes with a 5-year warranty. Complete Water Solutions installed a new lower distributor and new gravel. The resin was only 3 years old so we were able to reuse the resin. Upon completion, Complete Water Solutions started the system up, checked for leaks and provided warranty paperwork for the tank.

Warrantied Softener Replacement

FACT: If your softener tank is under warranty Complete Water Solutions can get you a warranty tank to replace your leaking one.

Even if you did not buy the system from us. Contact us to see if your tank is covered under warranty.

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