Case Studies

Switch From DI to Reverse Osmosis For Boiler Feed Water

Project Scope: Complete Water Solutions was asked to provide a turnkey solution to replace the DI Water System. The current system consisted of Cation & Anion separate bed Deionization. The new system needed to provide low conductivity, hardness water @ 60 GPM Flow Rate. Why Switch From Deionized Water to Reverse Osmosis? Every situation is […]

Complete Water Services Nalco Reverse Osmosis System

Complete Water Solutions was recently contacted to provide a quote on new membranes and carbon media for a Large Utilities Plant (Steam & Cooling) Located in Illinois. Complete Water Solutions was contacted by the customer 2 weeks ago and needed a quick turn around to replacing the membranes and carbon media. Complete Water Solutions was […]

Chilled Water Loop 40 PPM Iron Levels

Iron Filtration For Chilled Water Loop Recently a customer contacted Complete Water Solutions after experiencing high levels of iron in the chilled water loop. Iron is a major makeup of the earth’s crust. Iron occurs naturally both in groundwater and surface waters. Waters containing iron are not known to cause any harmful effects in humans. […]

Emergency Bruner D180 Valve 2″ Hospital Softener Repair

Complete Water Solutions was contacted by a Hospital boiler room engineer. The softener system had begun producing hard water and they could not get consistent soft water. The hard water was causing problems with boiler chemistry and the laundry facility. They requested that Complete Water Solutions come out on emergency and get the softener system […]

RO Membrane Replacement on Saturday – New Reverse Osmosis Membranes

When you need membranes changed and your only downtime is Saturday – Rest assured Complete Water Solutions will be there.  We understand that some times that routine maintenance has to be done on weekends, evenings and holidays. Complete Water Solutions understands the importance of making sure that you stick to your maintenance schedule. When it […]

Why Pharmaceutical Companies Trust Complete Water Solutions

Complete Water Solutions was called in 3 years ago as this Pharmaceutical Company was trying to validate their water system and was having trouble with the existing sanitization and operations. Complete Water Solutions began reviewing the water system and past procedures. After our review, we were able to determine a few things. No sanitization documentation […]

RO System Failure – Low Flow, High Pressure & High Conductivity

Complete Water Solutions was called out for an emergency to get our client’s  Reverse Osmosis System back up and running. The problem that they were experiencing was High Conductivity, High Pressures & Low Flow. Emergency RO Service Upon arrival, it was determined that the RO System had experienced hard water. Complete Water Solutions tested the […]

Paint Line Rinse Water – Performa Softener & Osmonics RO System

Recently Complete Water Solutions received a call regarding spotting on a paint line. This current customer uses RO Water to rinse the final product prior to boxing and shipping the products to their customers. The customer had not had much experience with Reverse Osmosis & Softener systems so Complete Water Solutions performed a “Free Preventative […]

1,000 GPM Sand Filtration For Turbidity & Color Reduction

  Our client had already purchased a 1,000 Gallon Per Minute Sand Filtration System from Complete Water Solutions. With their existing horizontal sand filtration beginning to leak media into the facility, it was deemed necessary to begin the next phase of the filtration replacement. The sand filtration consisted of the following: Qty (4) 60″ Epoxy […]

25 GPM Reverse Osmosis System – For FujiFilm USA

Nathan Olszak27 Year Of Water Treatment Equipment Experience. I have been blessed with the opportunity to learn from the ground up. Starting in the water treatment field as a service technician. Servicing all major brands of water treatment equipment.

Emergency DI Water – Emergency DI Exchange Tanks – Chicago Land IL

Complete Water Solutions was contacted when a medical manufacturer needed DI Water and the current supplier could not deliver. The customer had called their DI Water / DI Bottle supplier for an emergency exchange several times. With no response, they began to search. Emergency DI Water Supplier After contacting Complete Water Solutions we mobilized and […]

GE Osmonics AK4040F RO Membranes – Reverse Osmosis Membrane Replacement

Complete Water Solutions was recently contracted to replace all the membranes in (2) RO Systems. Each RO System was manufactured by different companies. That is not a problem for Complete Water Solutions! We provide parts, membranes, and service for all manufacturers. No matter who you bought it from or the application Complete Water Solutions can […]

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