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Complete Water Solutions was recently contacted to provide a quote on new membranes and carbon media for a Large Utilities Plant (Steam & Cooling) Located in Illinois. Complete Water Solutions was contacted by the customer 2 weeks ago and needed a quick turn around to replacing the membranes and carbon media. Complete Water Solutions was able to secure all media, membranes, and parts needed to perform the service and completed it in less than 2 weeks.  240 Cubic Feet Of Carbon Filter Media & 96 Reverse Osmosis Membranes.

Complete Water Solutions also checked the system out during the service to identify other issues, providing a comprehensive report to make sure that the Universities investment would be protected.

Carbon Filters (Duplex Unit)

  • Lock Out & Tag Out Each Carbon Filter
  • Check Existing Free-Board
  • Sample Media For Lab Analysis (Carbon Media Testing)
  • Remove Old Media (Disposal Of Old Media Off Site Performed By Complete Water Solutions)
  • Visual Inspection Of Interior Of Tank
  • Install New Carbon Filter Media
  • Record New Free-Board Height & Record Media Lot Number
  • Check & Clean Backwash Flow Controllers (If Equipped)

Reverse Osmosis System Service

  • Take Reverse Osmosis Pre Service Readings (Pressures, Flows, Conductivity)
  • Lock Out & Tag Out Each Reverse Osmosis System
  • Remove Old Membranes (Taking Notes Of Visual Findings)
  • Install New Veolia AK8040-400 Reverse Osmosis Membranes (Log All Serial Numbers)
  • Replace End Cap Gaskets & Orings
  • Replace Reverse Osmosis Pre Filters GX01-40XK 1 Micron 40″ Spring
  • Start System Up & Take Post Service Readings

Complete Water Solutions changed approximately 240 Cubic Feet Of Carbon Media. We removed the old carbon media and disposed off site.

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Complete Water Solutions changed out 96 Reverse Osmosis Membranes – AK8040-400.

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