Troubleshooting LT4 Reverse Osmosis System

Nathan Olszak28 Year Of Water Treatment Equipment Experience. I have been blessed with the opportunity to learn from the ground up. Starting in the water treatment field as a service technician. Servicing all major brands of water treatment equipment. Give Us A Call (855) 787-4200 or Email

Paint Line Washer Water System

Complete Water Solutions recently designed and installed a water system for a paint line pre-wash system. The system uses Reverse Osmosis water to help remove constituents that would otherwise impede the paint process. The following equipment was provided: Twin S-14A Twin Alternating Water Softener System (Hardness Removal)  Duplex Softener System 1 Tank Online 2nd Tank […]

Membrane Reload 8″ Reverse Osmosis

Complete Water Solutions can service all major manufacturers of Reverse Osmosis Systems. This Nalco / Crossbow Reverse Osmosis system was producing water that was not meeting the quality set forth for system design. After attempting to clean the RO System it was found that the system was not recovering. Turnkey RO Membrane Replacement Complete Water […]

Industrial Reverse Osmosis & DI Water System Service – Don’t Stress

Don’t Stress About Your Water System! Complete Water Solutions provides services for Industrial Water Treatment Equipment. Reverse Osmosis Carbon Filtration UV Systems Deionization Water Softeners And Many More (Don’t See It Here Check Out Or Website) We service all major manufactures – It Doesn’t Matter Who’s Equipment It Is! We Offer Emergency Service At Competitive […]

Complete Water Services Nalco Reverse Osmosis System

Complete Water Solutions was recently contacted to provide a quote on new membranes and carbon media for a Large Utilities Plant (Steam & Cooling) Located in Illinois. Complete Water Solutions was contacted by the customer 2 weeks ago and needed a quick turn around to replacing the membranes and carbon media. Complete Water Solutions was […]

RO System Failure – Low Flow, High Pressure & High Conductivity

Complete Water Solutions was called out for an emergency to get our client’s  Reverse Osmosis System back up and running. The problem that they were experiencing was High Conductivity, High Pressures & Low Flow. Emergency RO Service Upon arrival, it was determined that the RO System had experienced hard water. Complete Water Solutions tested the […]

GE Osmonics AK4040F RO Membranes – Reverse Osmosis Membrane Replacement

Complete Water Solutions was recently contracted to replace all the membranes in (2) RO Systems. Each RO System was manufactured by different companies. That is not a problem for Complete Water Solutions! We provide parts, membranes, and service for all manufacturers. No matter who you bought it from or the application Complete Water Solutions can […]

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