Fiberglass Replacement Tank #2

Recently, on a past post, Complete Water Solutions was called out to replace a fiberglass tank. There were two tanks that were leaking due to excessive pressure swings that was causing the tank to expand and contract a lot. The customer had called another vendor out which told the customer that both tanks were not under warranty. Complete Water Solutions took the serial numbers down and submitted them for warranty. One tank was still under warranty the 2nd tank was not. The first tank was replaced in the previous post. Today we look at the 2nd tank that was replaced.

This fiberglass tank replacement held a few more challenges:

  • Tight Space – due to the tight space we had to cut up the old tank to remove it.
  • Skid Support Bars – The tanks were currently sitting on a steel skid. The old skid supports cleared the old tank stands but not the new ones. Complete Water Solutions removed old tank supports that are not needed with the new ones.
  • Piping – The new tank height was about 1″ higher which causes the old piping to not be level. Complete Water Solutions was able to re-align the old piping

After replacing the water softener tank Complete Water Solutions verified the system operations and regeneration.

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